RV Parking, World’s Largest Campground Directory Seeks Reviews

Recently, we were thrilled to be the lucky winners of this Xantrex 400-watt Portable Solar Pack.

The pack was courtesy of RV Parking.com, the largest online directory of RV campgrounds and campsites on the web and the only one with a mobile app for your iPhone.

Stay tuned for an upcoming review of the solar pack, but meanwhile, we wanted to let you know about this fabulous new directory.

RV Parking: Over 19,000 Reviews to Date!

RV Parking is a new kid on the block, at just nine months old. But, this new site already features over 19,000 listings of North American RV parks and freebie spots.

The reviews tell you everything you could possibly want to know about a campsite or parking location and features photos, amenities and other information to help you decide where you want to spend your time.

RV Parking even has an iPhone app that will store your data locally so it’s still accessible even if you can’t get a signal.

There are other directories for RVers out there, and you’re probably wondering what makes RV Parking so special. With that in mind, we asked founder Erik Budde why he decided to undertake this huge project to catalog RV parks around the continent:

Besides your parents being RVers, what got you into creating the website?

“It just seemed to me that RVing was a little behind. I mean, the phone book died about 5 years ago, but still most all RVers are carrying around the equivalent and basing their decisions on an inch of text and maybe an ad. It just felt archaic.

I mean, before you drive 50 miles to camp somewhere, don’t you want to hear what other people think? Don’t you want to see some photos?

What makes RV Parking different from other campground review sites?

“So many of the main sources of information seemed inherently biased. Lots of websites might have info, but they are also taking money from the parks (one way or another) and not always being clear about it.” RV Parking takes no money from parks or campgrounds mentioned on the website.

Download RV Parking’s Mobile App Today

RV Parking is the only online directory with a a free iPhone campground directory app. Erik says he created the app because “no one had a mobile version of their web site (at least that I could find).”

RV Parking’s team wants to create all the tools (reviews, photos, directions, etc.) an RVer needs to find the right park, and to make these tools accessible on any device  from a laptop to a smart phone.

Expect to see more reviews and more photos on the site in the coming year. Erik wants to hear from as many RVers as possible who are willing to share both good and not-so-good park and boondocking experiences, so check out RV Parking to add your review.

Even though it’s still in its infancy, RV Parking’s content shows that Erik and his team have poured their hearts into this project. It’s the best online directory we’ve found to date, and we hope that you’ll visit this resource and add your two cents to campground reviews while you’re at it.

Check out RV Parking today!

3 thoughts on “RV Parking, World’s Largest Campground Directory Seeks Reviews”

  1. ok this is cool I am planning to do some camping with my family this summer and this looks like its exactly what i need to help us have the perfect vacation


  2. Thanks for the heads up on this directory! It’s about time that someone did something like this.

    We’ve spent the last few days in Livingston. Thought of you the other day while crocheting on the road and had to rip out about 4 hours work. I thought to myself that this is what Rene would do too! 🙂

    Hope you’re having fun!


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