Workin’ for the Man . . . for Now

A few people have been surprised to learn that we came to Nevada because I took a job for The Great Satan*. Yes, a J.O.B. It’s true; I’m working for the man again. I’m another cog in the machine. Punching a clock, drooling over that carrot they dangle over our heads called a “paycheck.”

Note original post date: November, 2009.

UPDATE: Discover the new and improved Amazon CamperForce.

A few months ago thanks to our friends at NuRVers, I learned about the seasonal job opportunities available at Great Satan locations around the country. Everywhere from Delaware to Las Vegas, thousands of little elves spring up out of nowhere and take over the company’s million-square foot warehouses to fulfill all of those holiday season orders for consumers.

The hours are grueling and so is the work. But the money is great and I’m really thankful to have this opportunity during such an awful economy.

Originally we were going to Kansas,where most fulltime RVing workampers go. But a few weeks ago, thanks to Jenn at HiTek Homeless, I learned about the Satan gig in Fernley, Nevada, just outside of Reno and south of the road to Burning Man. So we pointed West instead of East, and will be here until Christmas.

I’ll be punching a clock, while Jim stays home to run our Internet endeavors and babysit Wyatt the Wild Dawg. Tomorrow is my employee orientation, and then I start working ten-hour days next week.

Meanwhile, as all of you consider your holiday purchases this year, remember all of the bargains that Satan has to offer! And when you shop, please help us out by starting here with our link, so we can get an additional cut on the action!

*Recently I was told that I signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement which stated I cannot disclose anything about the Great Satan’s company or work conditions. Therefore, the real name of this company has been changed in all blog posts.

11 thoughts on “Workin’ for the Man . . . for Now”

  1. I have been wanting to work from home. I can not travel at this time. Do you know of a honest company I could do work for such as answering phone calls data entry or assembly or maybe small packaging anything. I Really could use the help, thank you Marie.

  2. I’m looking forward to hearing of your experiences! As much as I could use a job to make some “spending money”, I found out while interning at the Earthship place that I really don’t like working. I have gotten way too spoiled in this life on the road.

  3. We have been folowing your blog for a short time, And can empathize with you, Donna is still waiting for Spring to retire and I am retired law enforcement and working part time now as a bus(coach) driver to supplement my pension so we can go full time maybe next year. We also have a 11 month black lab named Riggs who is like your Wyatt still very much a puppy and will chew anything he can if you let him, Donna calls him the brat and I think he really enjoys that name. Hopefully you slow down after Christmas and get back into the relax mode, Maybe sometime down the road we will meet and Riggs and Wyatt can play together. Sam & Donna

    • Sam & Donna, it’s so nice to hear from readers, thank you for commenting and following our blog!

      Springtime isn’t that far away, how exciting for you both! Do it, get out there!

      I know Riggs and Wyatt would get along great, they sound a lot alike. Wyatt is known as “Punk” around here. We know he’ll outgrow it eventually, but for now, he’s doing a good job leaving his decorating touches in our rig.

      Where do you live? We’ll be in the Southwest all winter after I’m done at Amazon, it would be fun to meet up!

  4. Ah, the Man is calling again. We all surrender to the gravitational pull of the Man at some point in time don’t we? Maybe not at the same rates but ultimately we all yield to the ways of the Man.

    But there’s always a Man out there somewhere even if we’re self-employed. There’s the “we need new brakes, Man” or the “we need to empty the grey water Man”, our lives in many ways are about negotiating a detente with the Man, or, becoming one with the Man as most Buddhist would suggest.

    Some days you’re the statue and others you’re the pigeon, either way, it can be lot of fun doing something you would never even remotely consider as a work option. Five years ago if someone would have told you’d be traveling with your husband and a three-legged shepherd and living in a fifth wheel while performing temp work in a Nevada fulfillment warehouse for one the Web’s largest and best recognized Mans, you would have thought them way out there on psychotropic alkaloids. But alas, there you are, making some jack so you can continue on your odyssey of sticking it to the Man (until you need to visit the Man again so you can stick it to him again of course).

    So go for it but watch the paper cuts as I bet there will be many and paper cuts have been known as the leading cause of discomfort when mixing a light and well pressed olive oil with your favorite balsamic. Try a teaspoon of Grey Poupon, some lime, lots of lime, and viola, you’ve got a tart but savory dressing.

    I was turned on to lime and it’s Swiss Army like ways about a year back when a friend who lives in Tahiti said, “Eric, the lime holds many secrets of which few have the personal courage and instincts to explore. To probe it’s depths you’d have to have the curiosity of Jacques Cousteau as few people will ever understand this fine exemplar of natures pride.” Ah the French, yeah gotta love their passion for food, all food.

    And so I say unto you, pack and ship and fulfill each bauble and codex as if it held secrets equal to that of the lime.

    All the best and may the lime prevail in your wee galley,
    Enrico strikes again!

    • Eric, you make me laugh!! Thank you. You’re right, never in a million years did I think I’d have the title of “picker” where I run around for 10 to 12 hours a day and pull orders off shelves like a crazed elf. But yes, it’s giving us some cash to continue on with this random lifestyle.

  5. Looking forward to hearing about your experience temp working at Amazon! We’re quite familiar with Fernley – not only because we pass through annually towards Black Rock City, but also because we volunteered on the Obama campaign and ran the field office in nearby Fallon. We were up in Fernely a lot for training.

    For great pizza, go to the Pizza Shack … great folks, good pizza and burner friendly too 🙂

    • Oh how funny! And good for you. I’m glad there were people here pushing for Obama. It must have been a challenge in Nevada.

      Thanks for the tip on the Pizza Shack. We’ve been wanting to check it out.

    • Hi Randy & Pam, nice to hear from you! I’m going to be curious to find out the differences between Coffeyville & Fernley. There’s definitely more workampers in KS than here. I miss that camaraderie.


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