Another birthday, big deal.

Silverado Casino Fernley, NV Prime Rib Birthday DinnerI’ve come to realize my birthdays will never be the same. After forty years of big hallowed birthday blow out bashes, the last three on the road have been, for lack of a better word, calm. But that is not to say I didn’t enjoy my, ahem, 43rd birthday. René has a knack for brightening every day of my life. And Halloween this year was no exception. At least we weren’t hiding out from trick or treaters.

Any time I get to go out for a good piece of meat is a good time if you ask me. And I got just that at the Silverado casino. Note the key word here being good. My prime rib was not excellent, nothing to write home about really – then what am I doing here, you ask – but it was prime rib! It came complete with all the fixins (albeit no Yorkshire pudding), a decent soup and salad bar, and best of all, it was cheap! Though one would think the cocktails you pay for in a casino might actually include some liquor.

Hitek Homeless Nomads Jen and JohnnyConsidering there is really not much to choose from here in Fernley, NV when it comes to a night on the town, the Silverado was obviously the place to be. And we finished our meal in time to meet fellow full-timers Jenn and Johnny in Jake’s Lounge. So we didn’t spend my birthday alone either.

Watching the locals served as ample entertainment too. I just don’t believe we’ll be living here for the next few weeks, in a place where a man in black face – from head to toe – and fake dreads can win a costume contest, when a large Mexican chicken clearly deserved first prize. I swore years ago I would never step foot in Reno again, but I digress, yet again.

Picking Apples at Big Bend RV Park Fernley, NVCelebrating on Halloween, the big question is always, “What did I do on my birthday?” Jenn told us about all the apple trees at the RV park where they are staying. So on my actual birthday we went apple-picking and I made my fresh apple sauce, to go with my most excellent pork chop birthday dinner.

If you missed my applesauce recipe video from last year, here is a rerun for you …

So, another birthday down. No big deal really, considering I celebrate every day as just another great day (Jerry taught me that). You see, if you ask me, we are all aging at the same speed. So one’s age in respect to others is irrelevant. Therefore, birthdays are no big deal. You are only as old as you think you are. Believe this, and you will never feel “old” – either that, or you will be miserable.

5 thoughts on “Another birthday, big deal.”

  1. You are actually LIVING your life (both of you)! I am so jealous! And 43 feels pretty good doesn’t it? So in the words of The Gratedful Dead, “Keep on Truckin’ on”!

  2. Happy belated birthday buddy! You are past the point in life where you ask the question “what am I going to do with my life?” You are actually LIVING your life (both of you)! I am so jealous! And 43 feels pretty good doesn’t it? So in the words of The Gratedful Dead, “Keep on Truckin’ on”!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday to you! You made me hungry and with a strong desire to go wild shirt-shopping, all in one photo. The “aging at the same speed” theory is one you’ll need to revisit in 15 years when you get to be my age! I know it seems like that in your 40’s. But as long as you continue to “celebrate every day as just another great day”, you’ve found the proverbial Fountain of Youth.


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