Three Big Paws Walk for the Cause this Saturday

This Saturday, Wyatt Ray Dawg is making another major public appearance, this time at the Morris Animal Foundation K9K Walk in Estes Park.

The Morris Foundation is the leading animal cancer research organization in the world. Their Canine Cancer Campaign has a goal to raise $30 million to cure canine cancer in the next 10 to 20 years, a dog’s lifetime.

We formed Team Tripawds to walk this Saturday, and our generous Tripawd friends in the Bay Area are holding a Team Tripawds “Virtual Walk” on the same day, at the same time, where they will walk with us in spirit, raising funds in the process.

Cancer in any form is an awful disease, and for dogs, it’s reaching epidemic proportions. If you want to see canine cancer cured as badly as we do, please consider any donation you can spare to Morris, on behalf of Team Tripawds. Even a dollar will help. Thanks!

1 thought on “Three Big Paws Walk for the Cause this Saturday”

  1. How very active you are. I didn’t realize that canine cancer was so widespread. I have read that a contributing factor is pesticides sprayed on the grass and the ground picked up when dogs are allowed to run or be walked in public parks and school ground play areas. I know, there are many other factors as well and I’m sure some are the same a human contributory factors. I’ve been very fortunate so far. My Doxie had Cushings which we struggle with for many years.

    This is my first visit. Keep up the good work. All the best.


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