Roastbeef Keeps His Promise

Epic road trips are the stuff that great drinking stories are made of. But few of us have the skill to turn those tall tales into a full-length novel, and keep people laughing till they snort so hard their beer spews out their nose.

David Jerome is the exception, in his road trip adventure tale, Roastbeef’s Promise: When Your Dad’s Dying Wish Is to Have His Ashes Sprinkled in Each State, What’s a Son to Do?

A stand-up comedian and former comedy writer for Jay Leno and other Hollywood comedians, Jerome shares the mishaps and adventures that happened to him on his travels across America in the mid ’90s. Slightly autobiographical and mostly so strange that you can’t possibly believe this stuff actually happened to him, Jerome tells the tale of Roastbeef, a shiftless, broke college student with an older father who’s ridden with Alzheimers. But Roastbeef’s dad isn’t just any old patient suffering from dementia. No, this guy truly believes he’s Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Shouting presidential orders from his hospital bed, Roastbeef’s dear old Dad demands that upon his death, Roastbeef must spread his ashes in “all 48 states†(remember, there were only 48 states in FDR’s time). Always the dutiful son, Roastbeef humors his Dad and halfheartedly agrees to it. But when Dad finally dies, Roastbeef rises to the occasion and takes up the cause of keeping this unusual deathbed promise.

He sets out in his crappy college-student car to literally dust every state with his Dad’s cremains. But hitting the road without much money presents challenges, and Roastbeef doggedly pursues his mission on everything from a moped to freight trains, while working odd jobs across America to help him fulfill it.

From the time Roastbeef unknowingly befriends a pot dealer and gets thrown in the slammer, to hitching rides with pregnant brides and psychopaths, to being coerced into visiting a Tiajuanna whorehouse with his Dad’s old military buddy, Jerome’s dry humor never runs out of gas.

Rene Reviews Roastbeef's Promise bookIn the back of the book, Jerome promises that if any reader takes a photo of him or herself holding “Roastbeef’s Promise†in any of the specific locations mentioned in this story, they’ll get a free Roastbeef’s Promise t-shirt for their efforts. So because I’m tightwad looking for a freebie, here I am at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, where Jerome spent a couple of weeks couch surfing with frat boys.

I really loved Roastbeef’s Promise, and not just for the free t-shirt offer either. Get your copy today, or, before October 30th, send me an email along with your funniest road trip story (which we get to publish on our blog). In return, you can have my almost new copy (hey I have limited space in my rig, I’m happy to give it away). If we have more than one person who enters, we’ll draw a random name.

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4 thoughts on “Roastbeef Keeps His Promise”

  1. Hi Rene:
    Thanks for posting your Roastbeef review. I really enjoyed reading your review and I’m so glad you liked the book. I love that you took the book to Colorado State University. We’re currently in the process of putting together a “Reader’s Photos” page on our website and would like to add yours to it. I’m going to see if my web guy can take it from your blog, if not could you e-mail me the photo. I’ll let you know.
    The book has recently won 2 national book awards and we’re doing a second batch of t-shirts and I’d like to send you one when the come hot off the presses. Please send me your mailing address if you want one.
    Thanks again for the review, have a great Kwanzaa!

  2. OK, I WANT THAT BOOK, soooooo you know the funniest road-trip story we as a family had. Dad taking off from the campsite with the shade still open and set in the ground like a bat-outta-hell to look for you and mom in Canada!!! Now EVERYONE will know where you get your wanderlust!!! You know my mailing address, sis!


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