My Manly Stanley Thermos

Oh I’m picking out a Thermos for you,

Not an ordinary Thermos for you,

But the extra best Thermos you can buy …

Now my Thermos doesn’t have vinyl and stripes, but it does have a cup built right in. And it is way better than any barometer. (To any “non” Steve Martin fans, I apologize.)

20080809w_manlystanley02.jpgBut one thing my travels have confirmed, is that I really do have the extra best Thermos you can buy. I’ve enjoyed hot coffee from my manly Stanley on many a brisk morning since we left, thanks to el Jefe.

Then while at the ranch, I noticed a lot of old-timers and hardcore outdoorsmen also own a Stanley Classic Bottle Thermos.

It really does keep beverages hot – not just warm – even after a couple hours of cold mountain fishing. What I like most, however, is that you don’t have to take the screw top off to pour. You do have to take off the cap, duh. That’s the cup! But by unscrewing just a bit, and lifting on the top, out comes your steamy beverage of choice. Pretty handy when your hands are already full with a rod, camera, leash or all of the above.

Just had to share this with you. Another one of those classic 20th century icons of design.

12 thoughts on “My Manly Stanley Thermos”

  1. I have worked out in the cold for 26 years. When I started working outside my great grandfather gave me his Stanley. He had used it for 60 years, Now I have used it for 26 and plan on using it much much longer, then giving it to one of my grandkids. It’s at least 86 years old, dirty, and dented. It looks like it went through a war, maybe it did, and I wouldn’t trade it for all the tea in China. I swear by it, Just like my grandpa did.

  2. The stanley coffee thermos I had wasent any good , it ‘s the same one
    I took it back and got my money back it sure didnt keep mine hot
    mine came from china. there not made like they use to be . dosent have the doulble ring on it . and stanley products has allways been good but not this one
    God bless cece

  3. Dear Drew.

    I have purchased a Stanley Classinc Vacuum bottle as a Christmas presant for my son-in law. I bought it from Lakelands store in Canterbury, Kent, England.

    I have tried to register the purchase on line but the address is American and I wondered if there is anywhere to register it in England.

    I understand it is guaranteed for life, and I have the receipt, obviously I would like to give the guarantee to him.

    Sincerely, Pauline.

    I think it is a lovely flask, and I know my son-in-law will be pleased with it

  4. Hey guys,

    I am one of the product designer for Stanley and it’s always great to hear the positive feedback about our product. I have been proud to be part of a company that believes is stayng true to is quality, use and heritage. Thanks for the support. You can find more of our great products at


  5. Got me one o these as well, I was a big coffee dinker but now I drink Oolong teas. Wife wanted me on green tea for health but I could not stand it. Now I drink Oolong, tastes great and healthy 4U.

    Drop a few leaves in the thermos add hot h2o and go…


  6. My grandfather sweared by his Stanley Thermos for 30 years. He’d slap coffee into it every morning before heading off to his job site and you’d never see him without it. 🙂

    I’m not a coffee drinker so I typically haven’t had the need for one of these but he got me drinking tea and keeping things hot or cold are what these do. This has me thinking though. Going to have to talk to the wife and see if we can put that on our next shopping list.

  7. I have a Thermos Brand Thermos, but I use it every day. I make my 8 cups of coffee in the Cuisinart “Grind and Brew” and after first filling the Thermos with Hot water to warm it, I fill it with steaming hot coffee, and it stays hot and delicious for me all morning at work. You have to have a good Thermos on a construction site! I also have this paddle-ball game, and a chair, and this ashtray … what do you think I am, some kind of jerk or something? Cheers!

  8. I agree. Stanley is the best!

    I got my Stanley thermos when I was in college. I am now an old fart. College was in the mid 60’s. This Stanley is number 00369. I paid $20 for it. I think a new one still costs about $20. It is beat up. It is dented. It has been dropped 20 ft on to a concrete floor. It still works great and I still use it.

    You have the “new” stopper in yours. I have one like that too. It’s only 20 years old or so. The “original” Stanley has the top that has to be completely removed just like most thermos.

    If I had to pick only one thing to pass on to my children or grandchildren, it would be the Stanley. It has been with me longer than any of them!


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