Not In Such A Twitter About Tweets

Rene Tweets on Twitter Social NetworkIt was that funny RhodesTer guy who first turned us on to the whole Twitter thing. Though I must say, I was never really that turned on.

It was René who insisted we add the Twitter badge that shows what we’re doing at every instant.

I fought and stalled, but eventually conceded.

We compromised by placing yet another widget at the bottom of our sidebar. You see … Twitter is only good if you tweet.

If your tweets are three days old, you end up looking like a twit. And I have more important things to do than think about updating our Twitter status every time I go to the restroom.

Nonetheless, you may periodically find a tweet from yours twuly. If you’re lucky, and I’m bored. But for the most part, I’ve told Rene that’s her job.

But if you are into the whole Twitter thing – or want to be – please consider following us! It’s supposedly good for Search Engine Optimization and that’s one of my jobs.

4 thoughts on “Not In Such A Twitter About Tweets”

  1. I really hesitated to twitter, as well, but have found it a good way to keep in touch with family. They seem more interested in the mundane than our stalkers, um, I mean blog readers. I’m not quite ready to announce to everyone that we have a twitter account, so you’re the first to know!

    I’ve also seen other bloggers use it well to announce new additions to their websites. (The folks, specifically) And there are a few folks tweeting some really hysterically funny stuff (MatthewBaldwin, if you like his humor.)

    Thanks for adding your site to my Mr. Linky today; it’s fun to catch up on your blog.

  2. There are definitely those of us, also culpable in your downfall, who enjoy the random updates & appreciate getting a better sense of your goings-on. Tis especially handy for we ‘amateurish’ bloggers who seldom “read the rest of the entry.” ~_^

    “Who the hell wants to hear [see] actors [bloggers] talk [tweet]?” ~ H. M. Warner [@coffeesister]


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