El Camino Restaurant Review

One more word about New Mexico: The food was pretty darn bueno. I guess that’s six words, but even the white people fare there was worth mention. From the tortilla burger and mystery spices and the Frontier’s cinnamon rolls to Hodges breakfast buffet and Bellaluca, we never had a bad dining experience.

El Camino Restaurant Sign

We rarely do, but I’m picky. And I picked El Camino resturant in Socorro for our last meal on the road when we left our workamping job at Riverbend in Truth or Consequences. René might have verbally suggested it, but I wanted to go there since we passed their cool sign on the way to the Very Large Array.

I like sitting at the counter. And the one at El Camino was classic. A good view of the kitchen, fast service and hot coffee. All good.

El Camino Restaurant Counter Service Breakfast

With great looking New Mexican breakfasts and big burrito plates to chose from, I opted for corn beef hash. Something steered me away from biscuits and gravy. So I got a biscuit instead of toast, with a side of gravy.

The gravy came on the biscuit. This was a good thing considering that particular biscuit was rath hocky puckish. I was totally glad I steered the right way. My hash was awesome. Flavorful with just enough crispy bits.

As usual, René opted for the Huevos Rancheros. As usual the spicing was awesome. Gotta love that smoky southwest kick. Especially when breakfast is to last you all day.

Good Eats at El Camino Restaurant

And judging by some of the patrons, it’s good enough to go back and love again, and again.

At El Camino Family restaurant, you can fill up on great food in a great atmosphere with great service at a great price.

And did I mention they have a great sign?

UPDATE: Wow, that was so long ago! Hash and biscuits? What was I thinking? We have since been back a number of times. Get the breakfast burrito, huevos, or smothered enchiladas—anything with chile, green or red. El Camino does not disappoint, and the coffee is still good coffee shop coffee.

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  4. We were just thinking about going out for a bite to eat this evening, and despite there being a Coco’s in our parking lot, we’re now convinced that a visit to this joint would be worth a drive to New Mexico. That’s how good a reviewer you are.

    ONE THING THOUGH.. and I’ve been meaning to get to this for a long time.. what do you guys think about dropping the excerpted main post on your front page and just posting the whole darned thing? Meaning, get rid of the “read the rest of the story HERE” link.. because I’ve dropped every blog in my reader that does that, with the exception of yours because you guys are so darned cool and we’ve met and everything. Okay then.

    Dorian and I, with some professional help (see? I’m taking your advice to “get professional help”!) are retooling my blog completely. The new format will debut this coming week, we hope. That was one of the considerations.. do I want to just put an excerpt on the front page and link to the rest, like so many wordpress templates do? The answer is an adamant NO, because, even though it’s just one click/reload cycle, it’s compounded by a hundred if a person is following that much in a day. I don’t like putting people through that because I don’t care for it when they do it to me.

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