Live Free or Die, or Shut Up

Revolutionary War Hero General John StarkWe’ve actually been receiving some flack for our post about reasons to consider emigration to Canada. You won’t, however, see these flaming remarks here on the blog because, well, it is our blog and we don’t intend to give these so called patriots the time of day or glory of assuming their comments actually get to us.

So as mother always said, if you don’t have something nice to say… don’t bother because you’re just wasting your time with comments that get sent directly to the spam pile. After all this is indeed America as these right wing fascists so proudly declare, and we are proud to have the freedom of using our delete button.

While they call us “unamerican” [sic] and would gladly help us pack our bags, they’ve got us all wrong and are merely substantiating our beliefs about certain factions that continue to make this country a target for international enmity.

How appropriate that this has all occurred as we crossed the state with one of the best state mottos. While we enjoyed our stay in neighboring Vermont – Freedom and Unity – New Hampshire’s Live Free or Die is now our favorite state motto. Attributed to New Hampshire Revolutionary War Hero General John Stark, this slogan says it all.

Another great slogan we found was on Peace Poles we noticed in various locations on our trip into Canada. With “May Peace Prevail On Earth” printed in various different languages, more than 200,000 of these poles can be found at sites from the Magnetic North Pole and Hiroshima to Gorky Park, Russia and Baghdad, Iraq. The Peace Pole Project was started by the World Peace Prayer Society. And while we have yet to see one on our travels across America, supposedly plans are under way to plant the world’s tallest Peace Pole in the state of Minnesota – The Star of the North. Currently the tallest Peace Pole in the world stands in the state of Wyoming – Equal Rights – at 58ft tall. Leave it to us Americans to compete for the biggest and best!

So what is your favorite motto from states you’ve traveled through, and why?

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