Beware of Moose

Beware of Moose in MaineHailing from Elk Country in Northern Humboldt County, California I always drive cautiously on forested highways and back country roads. Nonetheless, I was amused to see my first Vermont road sign that simply had the word “MOOSE” in big black letters. With these signs getting larger and more explicit as we pulled into Maine, my amusement quickly turned to a heightened sense of awareness.

The first sign that Moose meant business in these parts was a huge yellow and red one complete with flashing lights clearly proclaiming the high rate of moose auto crashes in the area. After later reading of moose auto horror stories, we felt fortunate to have not seen any, as much as we were hoping to.

Have you had a close encounter of the moose kind? If so, where? How bad was the damage? Share your story for others by posting your comments below. If not, please continue to drive safely.

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