Stephen King’s Number One Faaayuuuun…

Stephen King ManorHaving been an avid reader of nearly all the early Stephen King classics, our stay in Bangor, Maine would not be complete without a drive-by of the horror master’s manor. Surprisingly, it is easy to find, and very accessible. As to not disturb mister King, we rode by on our bicycles, took a quick photo and quickly fled the scene. Watch the movie of our spooky ride-by in our RV Home Movies Playlist.

The house is beautiful, and the ironwork on the gates – which were wide open – is simply amazing. One look at the intricate yet tasteful spider web and bat designs, and we knew we were in the right place. But this haunted little jaunt got me to thinking that it has been quite a while since I picked up a King novel. So I compiled this selection of Stephen King Audio CDs on, perfect for you full-timers out there looking for a good scare on your next long haul.

For those who don’t get the title of this post, it is a reference to the Stephen King novel Misery, with a character portrayed eerily well by Kathy Bates in the movie adaptation. Respecting Mr King’s privacy, we’ll leave you t find his house like we did. Hint: while his address isn’t exactly listed by the Maine CVB, it can be found in Jamie Jensen’s Road Trip USA.

4 thoughts on “Stephen King’s Number One Faaayuuuun…”

  1. I am From Maine, actually an our from Bangor!
    I drove by with a friend of mine from Bangor, because he knew where he lived and I wanted to see it!
    It is Really nice!!
    I always wondered what it looked like inside!?
    I wish Cribs would come here (Maine) and do a Stephen Kings Cribs! ahhahaha
    LOVE IT!!

  2. If you get a chance check out Belgrade Lakes, between Long Pond and Great Pond. I used to spend summers there as a kid. It was awesome. It is the lake that was the setting for the book “On Golden Pond”. I haven’t been there in years so don’t know anything about RV camping in the area.

  3. I used to be a habitual celebrity gawker while living in L.A., but after I left, I saw how stupid that behavior was. King’s house was the first time I’ve tracked down a celeb in a long time, and probably because it was his place, I was scared witless! But he really seems like such a cool guy; the side gates were open, to be specific, the neighborhood was just average, nothing like what you’d think, and notice the “Support Our Troops / End the War” lawn signs. Right on!


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