Biscuit Review: The Coffee Pot – Sedona, AZ

Best Biscuit Yet!I gotta give Raul an A for Effort for the biscuits and gravy he made us yesterday. After all, they were the first thing ever cooked in our new fifth wheel’s little oven, he used Rene’s homemade “Bisquick” mix, and the gravy was from Tony Chachere’s Southern Pantry White Gravy Mix – a decent standby for quick homemade biscuits and gravy. But I must say the Coffee Pot in Sedona, AZ has served up the best biscuits and gravy on this trip so far.

Famous for serving up a menu of 101 different omelets since the 1950’s, this colorful and comfortable southwest restaurant is named after the nearby Coffee Pot rock – one of the many prominent red rock buttes surrounding Sedona, AZ. The service is fast and friendly. The coffe is good, and the leave the hot pitcher on the table so you can fill the unique handmade mugs which are available for purchase in the gift shop.

Since I felt it mandatory to order an omelet at a place that offers 101 varieties, I opted for a biscuit instead of toast and asked for a side of country gravy. A good decision indeed. The cut cake pan style biscuit was tall, fluffy and golden brown. The gravy was creamy with a smooth consistency and quite flavorful. Crispy hashbrowns and a tasty mushroom, avocado and swiss cheese omelet made this my best breakfast yet in our travels.

The Coffee Pot - Sedona, AZ

3 thoughts on “Biscuit Review: The Coffee Pot – Sedona, AZ”

  1. I had the best breakfast at the Coffee Pot Restaurant in Sedona. Not only was the food and coffee great but the service was spectacular….love the fact they leave the coffee pitcher on the table for you….can’t wait to go back!

  2. That’s not toast my friend! Though from above, I can see how you might have thought so, since I hadn’t yet split it and smothered it in gravy.

    As far as Herzog is concerned (For everyone else: Eric was my boss in a previous life), haven’t heard from him since he accepted my FWB colleague LinkedIn connection request.

  3. Ok, with so much emphasis on the Biscuits during this Road Based Office to report on the life, styles, and findings of the modern day “Douer, Black Cloaked Bohemian Web Guru” why is there a picture of TOAST and not the “Cut Cake Pan” style you so verbosely enscribe upon? In other werds.. What does a dang good biscuit look like?? I knows what toast looks like, I see it every monring here in the near city…

    P.S. wanna virus? Go down load service pak 2 for 3D studio Max v9 off the Autodesk website and get caught up in the Autodesk Porn Offerings… Looks like Im about to wipe the ole hard drive. But what would you know from that shizzle, yer a Mac Addict. MacWeek, MacMall, MacUser, Mac… Can anyone ever say all the rags as fast as Zogs could?? Heard from him??


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