Too Darned Hot. Too bad.

Golden San Juan River SunsetArizona’s canyon lands, painted dessert and red rock buttes are beautiful sights to be seen and appreciated. That being said, I am happy to say I can check that area off my list of potential places to plant permanent roots. I’ll never say never, but the heat and local societal attitude that I encountered – yes, first impressions do count in my book – throughout Northern Arizona put it on a back burner for now, quite literally.

Whether it’s the weather change, the incredible drive through Monument Valley, or today’s office view of the canyon rim, or the San Juan River swim, I’m already liking things better as we head back north. Good decision to bypass Four Corners and opt for the Valley of the Gods. I will admit the direct sun may actually be just as hot, but the shade trees are better and there is a consistent awning-tolerable cool breeze off the river.

PHOTOS: Sunset in the clouds over the San Juan River near Bulff, Utah (Top); Why they call it Bluff, from Sand Island Campground site #8 (Below) Check out the campsite movie on our Gallery page!

The heat over the past week in Flagstaff was much drier, but the saying “It’s a dry heat,” means nothing when everything is just so hot, dusty, and well, dry. The dirt here from the Southern Utah canyons, however, is much more like sand – course with the multicolored crumbles of this land’s distant past.

It was wonderful to visit with the Agredanos. It is always a pleasure to share good times with them, and I’m glad to have finally seen Jerome with Raul and the Douglas Mansion Museum at the site where his father was a copper miner. A good time was had, hopefully by all. But it feels good to be back on the road. There’s much catching up to do with pictures, videos, and tales of our recent adventures. Stay tuned… Now that we have seen everyone on our agenda for a while and over a month has passed since we officially started our full-time RV adventure, it’s time to get back to work. Life is hard. Life is good. Enjoy it. Thus is the essence of my live/work dream.

San Juan River Bluff Utah

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  1. Interesting to see that California beat out Mississippi by one point and AZ by 3 points. Just goes to show how big and populated this state really izzz ugh.. dats right it izz poyoolayded by lots and lots and lots of peoples….

    I Think I am moving to AZ, maybe I can be the smart fish in the stoopid pond…uh.. any port in a storm… Let me know your thoughts after a trip through the hills of Alabama. AZ will be regular MIT, teritory and you will go back to Kingman looking for the next Nobel candidate


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