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My favorite workamping job is working from home, wherever we camp. Well, aside from workamping at Vickers Ranch that is. But this is a perfect example of how the definition of workamping has changed over the years. And, with my latest job as podcast host for The RV Entrepreneur I recently had the chance to talk all about workamping with Workamper News Executive Director, Jodi Anderson Duquette. Okay, it wasn’t that recent now. However, I just realized I never shared this episode with our Live Work Dream readers.

In case you missed it, I am the newest host for the RVE Podcast. The RV Entrepreneur is an RV LIFE Network podcast. My first interview with Rene was episode number 300. Then, for episode #307 I had a great chat with Jodi all about workamping.

All About Workamping

Learn All About Workamping

Jody Anderson Duquette was practically born into workamping. Okay, not quite. But her father Steve Anderson took over the Workamper News magazine and organization in 2005. Ever since, Jodi and her husband Luke have continued to grow the online portal and entire workamping community. Actually, Workamper News has been around since 1987! Rene and I discovered workamping in 2007, during our first year on the road. And we discovered our first workamping jobs in Workamper News. As a result, I knew there was no better person to interview to talk all about workamping than Jodi.

Not only do we discuss how the definition of workamping has changed to include working from home, seasonal warehouse jobs, and more. In addition, we explain traditional workamper jobs. And, we discuss the typical duties and compensation for workampers. Spoiler Alert: Nothing is typical because every job is different! However, we do talk about how to make sure you’re getting a good deal before you accept any workamping job. Another Spoiler Alert: The right workamping job is the one that feels right to you!

Personally, I feel that too many workampers get caught up on the numbers when it comes to compensation. Yes, you must consider the value of your time. However, you must also factor in the cost of your site, your hours worked, and any perks provided. Most importantly, many neglect to consider what I consider the most important consideration: How badly do you want to be in that particular location. Maybe you really like the place. Maybe you love the people. Regardless, what matters most to you is what matters most when accepting any workamping job. But I digress…

Jim Workamping Vickers Ranch
Why I’ll enjoy workamping for less money.

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I started this post by announcing my RVE Podcast episode all about workamping. In our chat, Jodi and I talk about exactly what workamping is. We also bust a few myths about what it is not. Finally, we reveal quite a few less typical workamping arrangements. One More Spoiler Alert: If you’re working, while you can’t consider yourself a work camper. And, that is how I actually started this post.

So, without further adieu, enjoy my interview all about workamping with Workamper News Executive Director Jodi Anderson Duquette…

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Yeah, I just said adieu. Apparently, I meant without further ado. But not really…

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Oh, and one more thing. I promise. We’ve found all our favorite workamping jobs in Workamper News.


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