Working and Living Together in A Tiny Space

In case you missed it, I am now the newest host for The RV Entrepreneur Podcast. I owe this mostly to Rene’s connection with RV Life. So, she was the perfect guest to have on the show for my first episode. After all, if anyone knows how to live together in a tiny space, Rene does. She’s been putting up with me working and living together with me in our fifth wheel for the past 16+ years. And, we’re now living together in a tiny space for sure!

Living Together in A Tiny Space
First Night in our New Project M

My first interview for The RV Entrepreneur podcast was also episode number 300 of the show. So this was a big deal. I wanted it to be fun. In addition, I needed some practice before interviewing some “real guests”. Not that Rene was not a real guest mind you. As a matter of fact, she was the most genuine authentic guest I had ever interviewed. Okay, she was my first. However, I have now interviewed a few more guests for the show. And, Rene is still my favorite.

Where did I take this photo?*

How We Keep Living Together in a Tiny Space

During my chat with Rene, I wanted her to share tips on living together in a tiny space. But we talked about much more than that. Listen to the episode below, or subscribe and follow The RV Entrepreneur in your favorite listening app.

Find the full episode transcript here. Rene did share how to best manage a relationship while maintaining a nomadic business. In addition we discussed helpful tips on topics ranging from workamping, writing, building community, and budgeting with a short dive into the deep end of Artificial Intelligence and the impact of tools like Chat GPT on writers and editors.

I would say that my biggest piece of advice is to not step on each other’s toes. Let each person do what they do best. Don’t interfere with their work. Be kind and don’t, uh, jump to conclusions about their work.

— Rene Agredano, on The RV Entrepreneur ep. #300

I reminded Rene about our chat with Mrs Defazio. Long ago, during our first year on the road. We visited small towns and interviewed locals about their lifestyle and business owners about their, well…businesses. I asked Mrs. DeFazio about her secret to working and living together as a couple running a small business. Her answer: keep your mouth shut.

Try to keep your mouth shut when you feel that things aren’t going well, but also communicate. You can’t always keep your mouth shut, but communication, like anything, even if you’re not working together, if you just want your marriage to stay together, you’ve got to learn how to talk it out. It’s the same thing with a business.

— Rene

So, how have we stayed happy working and living together in a tiny space for the past 16+ years. I’ll just keep my mouth shut about that. We’ll see how the next 16 years go, now that we’re living in an even tinier space. More about that soon, I promise. Much more…

*Oh, and that featured image I used for the podcast episode above? That’s from one of our very early blog posts from 2008, when we discovered the importance of investigating all potential leaks. Immediately.

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  1. How hard is it to get into the bunk area? Looks like you have to be very “bendy” to do it, lol. Good luck on this adventure!


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