What’s the Hurry? Slow Down and Enjoy the Ride

I haven’t posted the usual Friday Five in a while? I figure, what’s the hurry? We’ve got 15+ years of RV lifestyle photos that aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. But we finally are…

what's the hurry
What’s the hurry?

Hurry up and slow down, I say. We just hit the road after spending six months stationary. That’s the longest we’ve stayed anywhere since hitting the road, so long ago. So we were in no hurry to get very far our first day out. We only drove about an hour. It was a good little shakedown jaunt to make sure we’re still roadworthy. All is good.

what's the hurry
Somewhere around Drop 11

The next couple days will be long hauls. Time to head north! It’s getting too hot for me. And there is that little marathon we gotta get too. Eugene #2 here we come. It’s about time! What’s the hurry? I’ve had far enough marathon training for now! For sure, once again.

desert bloom
Desert spring has sprung.

What do any of these photos have to do with any of that you ask? Nothing, I guess.

saxy lady
Saxy lady at the FOY benefit auction.

Rather than the usual random collection, I’m simply sharing some more recent pics from our time at FOY. Now our galleries are all up to date. And, I now need to get back in the habit of updating our maps.

badass boondocker
Badass Boondocking Rig

On the road again…once again.

foy rainbow
Photos never do nature justice.

In case you haven’t noticed, the Friday Five is usually a rather random collection of photos from our 15+ years of Live Work Dream Galleries. Pretty similar to how this turned out after all. Share a comment with a topic and I’ll see what I can come up with for next time.

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