Best Workamper Resume Examples & How NOT to Find Workamping Jobs

I’ve noticed some great Workamper resume examples recently in the Workampers Facebook Group. On the other hand, I’ve also seen plenty of others posting with a serious lack of initiative to try and find jobs. In addition, I’ also’ve realized it has been seven years since I last provided some examples of how not to find workamping jobs. So, today I’m providing this selection of some more impressive Workamper resume examples I’ve seen. Next, I’ll show you ways that may not land you a job – or even a call back – quite so quickly. Finally, I include some tips on how to make your workamper resume stand out from all the other applicants.

Employers are hiring everywhere right now. Subsequently, workamping jobs are in high demand. In addition, employers are always very busy. Reviewing job applicants is usually not their top priority every day. Neither is scrolling through Facebook groups all day. As a result, your workamper resume or job wanted post needs to be a shining example of the benefit you will bring to their workamping team.

Does your workamper resume show that you’re an ambitious team player? And, does it clearly say that you have the communication skills necessary to work with the public. Do you even have a workamper resume? Or, do you just expect employers to find you and reach out directly via comments on Facebook?

Check Out These Awesome Workamper Resume Examples

We created our workamper resume using the Awesome Applicant resume builder. This powerful tool is included with our Workamper News subscription. But I’ll get to that in a bit, down below. For now, here’s how to show potential employers that you are an “awesome applicant” all on your own. Check out some of these recent workamper resume examples.

workamper resume examples
Workamper Resume Examples

What to Include in Your Workamper Resume?

Notice how all these workamper resume examples say much more about the people, than their actual career history. Contrary to the belief of many new workampers, workamping is not a career. So, your workamping resume is much more about presenting communication skills and capabilities rather than past work experiences.

As these fine examples show, you need to present your skills that meet the needs of the employer. They may not care what degrees you have, or how long you worked in different positions. Unless you’re applying for management jobs, typical workamping employers want to know that you can follow directions. Hiring managers want to be assured you are responsible and can communicate effectively. They want to know if you’re good with people. And, they’ll be particularly interested in seeing any skills relative to the specific position they’re trying to fill.

workamper resume example
workamper resume example

Best Workamper Resume Examples Include Photos. Why?

Many RV park and resort owners request a photo from applicants. They want to see you and your rig. Many debate the ethics of this. But I see it as no different than appearing for an interview, either in person or via Zoom. In addition, if you have nothing to hide you should have no problem sharing a photo of yourself with your RV. Finally, some parks do have rig age or type restrictions.

It is also important to let employers know if you travel with pets, how many, and what kind. Insurance requirements often determine breed restrictions at many parks. The last thing you want to do is travel to your next job only to find out you’re not welcome.

Notice how these workamper resume examples I’ve shared above all include photos. In addition, they all provide ample information to make hiring decisions easy for the employer. Most include availability dates, and a bit of personality flair. And, they are designed to stand out from other applicants who may only post that they’re looking for work somewhere. Best yet, they are far superior to comments from applicants who cannot follow instructions, or only say “interested” in response to job postings by employers…

How Not to Find Workamping Jobs

If you’re hoping to secure a workamping job fast, you need to make a great first impression. Therefore, you should try to make the decision to hire you simple for the employer. Take a look at some of these examples of how not to find workamping jobs. Similar posts and comments only create more work for the people doing the hiring…

workamper response
workamper response
workamper response
workamper response
workamper response

Okay, don’t shoot. When I first shared similar examples it upset at least one workamper. She insisted that she got a job offer by, “Saying ‘interested’ on a Facebook post LOL.” First, I would argue that this is an exception and not the norm. Second, it’s an example of just how desperately many employers are searching for help. And finally, why not take just a few minutes to fine tune your response to make their job easier?

I’m not sharing these examples to berate anyone. I’m sincerely trying to help everyone! We’ve been managing the Workampers Group for 10 years now. As result, I’ve noticed a pattern with these types of comments. They tend to appear repeatedly, often persistently for a few weeks. one can only guess this is because they are not that effective in securing a position somewhere. On the other hand, there are those who post clear details or a good workamper resume. We don’t tend to hear from these folks again, until they’re searching for their next job.

When putting a situation wanted post out there in the Workampers Group, potentially any employer may see it. With 120,000+ members, employers post job offers daily. In addition, countless more receive the group posts in their feed. So, take a few simple steps to make yours stand out!

More Tips to Help Your Workamping Job Search

  • Be direct. Tell employers why you’re the right person for the job.
  • Communicate effectively. Show employers you’re the right person to answer the phone or work with the public.
  • Be specific. Specify desired location and availability dates.
  • Promote thyself! What skills will you provide that fulfill the job description?
  • Show initiative. Prove to employers you are responsible and have what it takes to get the job done.
  • Follow directions. If a job listing provides a contact method, use it to follow up directly.
  • Keep it simple. Make it easy for potential employers to contact you.
  • Be a team player. Show how well you can work with others.
  • Pick up the phone. Don’t expect busy employers to respond to all Facebook comments.
  • Stand out from the crowd! Create an awesome workamper resume or stunning situation wanted ad.

Follow these tips to save employers time. As a result, you’ll avoid the frustration of multiple messages back and forth. In turn, they’ll appreciate that. Subsequently, the more information you can provide about yourself, the quicker they can decide to hire you.

Situations Wanted Ads

Did you know? Workamper News subscribers can also publish Situations Wanted ads. Workampers seeking their next favorite job can post an ad to advertise yourself, the type of job, and specific location you’re looking for. For best results, your Situations Wanted ad should let employers know what benefit you will provide when they hire you for their Workamper team!

Your online ad will be posted for all employer members to see for two months from the approval date. And, you can update the ad again anytime. Just one more reason we recommend Workamper News.

The Best Workamper Resume Resource

We’ve had the best results from our “Awesome Applicant” resume at Workamper News. The WKN Resume Finder is one of the first places many employers turn to find quality applicants. Subsequently, this has landed us various surprise job offers over the years. Once we chose a great gig from many offers received within only two days of updating our resume.

Workamper Resume
Our Awesome Applicant Workamper Resume

The resume builder is included with our WKN subscription. It’s easy to use, and allows us to include photos and video. You can also export your resume as a PDF to send potential employers when applying for jobs. Not yet a subscriber? Find complete details and a promo code at:

Before you say anything, no you don’t need to pay for any subscription to create an awesome workamper resume. I’m only saying that the WKN resume builder has worked best for us. In addition, Workamper’s Gone Camping blog, also features many free public articles filled with workamping resume tips.

Looking for more helpful tips and resources to land you next workamping job? Want to find less typical gigs like ranch work, or to make money from side hustle apps? Get our ultimate workamping guide and digital nomad handbook, Income Anywhere!

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