What is art? Recent Public Art Scenes from the Road

What is art? As an artist, of sorts, I have my own answer to that question. “They” say art is in the eye of the beholder.

what is art?
Frog Relief Sculpture, Eugene OR – April, 2022

I believe: Art is something created by and artist. And an artist is one who creates art. In this sense, everything might be considered art. At least by somebody.

graffiti or art
Wings Over Whittier CA – December, 2021

As a result, what I view as art, some may not think very artful. Regardless, we’ve seen so much art on the road over the years, we have a dedicated gallery of fun and funky art scenes. So, for this Friday Five, I ask myself: What is Art?

Space Monkey Mural, Eugene OR – May, 2022

Better yet, I ask you: What is art? Ask ten artists, you’ll likely get eleven answers.

architecture art
Hayward Stadium, Eugene OR – May, 2022

I see art everywhere. There is art in architecture, and in typography. A colorful sunset may be construed as art, which opens a can o’ worms regarding that particular artist. But what is art in that sense? The instant or the image? And who is that artist…or creator? As much as I digress once again, this often blurs the lines when sorting photos for our Live Work Dream galleries.

The Centurion of West Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz CA- May, 2022

Is graffiti art? Or is it vandalism? Asking myself what is art, I see it as both. But it usually depends upon the medium, and the message.

Sick Graffiti Art, East Los Angeles CA- March, 2022

So, what is art? You decide. Then leave a comment with a suggestion for the next Friday Five collection of relatively random photos from our 15+ years of Live Work Dream galleries.

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