Hay! Favorite Hay Harvest Workamping Memories

All of my favorite hay harvest workamping memories are from our summers at Vickers Ranch.

hay harvest workamping

Granted, the only hat harvest workamping we’ve ever done has been while workamping at Vickers Ranch.

vickers ranch hay

But as Larry likes to say, it don’t get no better than this.

hay harvest workamping

I thought I’d share these few favorite hay harvest workamping photos for this week’s Friday Five.

hay harvest workamping

It made perfect sense, after sharing the recent photos and video from the shortest hay season during our last Rocky Mountain harvest.

hay equipment

But really, what are my most favorite hay harvest workamping memories? It would be those first couple years at Vickers Ranch for sure. Specifically, I’ll never forget that first year when we produced the Vickers hay Chronicles. And when had the honor of meeting and interviewing Perk Vickers

perk vickers

Every day is a great day, indeed.

hay harvest workamping

Got an idea for the next Friday Five?

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  1. So, what kind of hay is that? I can tell its not oats or alfalfa. I assume its a perennial grass of some kind? Timothy perhaps? (I googled high altitude hay in CO and that came up) Your favorite botanist wants to know!


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