Near Miss – A Last Minute Friday Five

OOPS! I almost missed this week’s Friday Five. 😐 That’s my regular random collection of photos from our 14+ years of LiveWorkDream Galleries. With such a near miss, we’ll make this quick.

near miss

Consulting my secret source for completely random road trip pics, I searched for “miss” and this is what I found. The smokin’ tuck was getting on the highway somewhere in Mississippi. That was in February, 2008. We had been on the road less than one year at the time. Talk about a near miss…


Speaking of Mississippi, we’ve crossed the Mighty Miss many times in our travels.

mississippi headwaters

The most memorable time was when we walked across the Mississipi River headwaters with Jerry back in August of 2007. That scene even made it into our book, Be More Dog: Learning to Live in the Now.

miss spartansburg

Many miles later, we got near Miss Spartansburg, at the 2007 county fair in Corry Pennsylvania.

white sands

Many, many more miles after that was the first time we drove through the White Sands Missile Range. Thank Dog we had no near miss there! Or did we?

near miss

Would you believe we almost hit a herd of Gnu on the road? Well, that would be…wait for it: Fake Gnus! 😀 But we did see this sign there.

weld county missle silo

But wait! Here’s another real near miss we survived. We’ll never forget the time we sat out a tornado warning in the Weld County missile silo. Or the other near miss when drunk neighbors there started their own version of Greeley Bum Fights.

That’s already more than five for this Friday. And all those just by searching for “miss” among our hundreds of photos from throughout our journey. It’s always fun finding random yet related pics from our many galleries. But, it’s even better when readers suggest a topic. Hint, hint…

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