Five Reflections Upon Ranch Workamping

And now we return to our regularly scheduled Friday Five. This is when I share five random photos from our many Live Work Dream Galleries. Kinda…


I just uploaded another couple hundred photos from our past couple months workamping at Vickers Ranch. And I have many more to go through.

Railroad Car Bridge
Bridge to Vickers Horse River Ranch

As suspected, we didn’t get much long form blogging done while completing our various ranch workamping duties. That should change soon. I sure have lots to write about.

ranch fuel
Favorite Fuel Stop

These few photos are just a random sampling of scenes from another two months at our favorite ranch workamping gig. They should also give a hint of some things to come here.

Hay Equipment
Hay Equipment Staging Area

Others are just a glimpse at why we love spending time on the ranch.

ranch workamping years
We’ll be back…

To truly return to my traditional Friday Five, this collection would be much more random – with some sort of connection. Suggest a theme with a comment! And I’ll get right on that next week.

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