More Random Pics from Ranch Workamping Scenes

If you’ve never worked on a ranch, you may be wondering: What do ranch workampers do? Well, we’ve got plenty of photos from many different ranch workamping scenes. This week’s Friday Five may share more than five photos from our 14+ years of Live Work Dream Galleries.

ranch workamping scenes

As I mentioned here previously. Ranch workamping duties vary from day to day. The other day I noticed a major leak at the second workamping site. So I dug in and fixed it. Literally… Stay tuned for details.

ranch workamping scenes

But come Hay Season, there’s really no such thing as days off. Things are about to get really busy. When haying at altitude, you have a small window of opportunity to get the hay in the barn.

ranch workamping scenes

We got the mower connected yesterday. And right now, there’s plenty of grass on the ground. Tomorrow – my “day off”– we’ll get to bailing and stacking. Just more ranch workamping scenes – which I hope to explain at a future date. For now, what do you make of this? If you’ve experienced tour own ranch workamping scenes, you know there are plenty of use for rusty bolts.

rusty bolts

I see what’s going to happen here. We’ll bust our asses around the ranch for a few more weeks. Meanwhile, we’ll continue to gather hundreds of photos and hours of video footage. These various ranch workamping scenes will provide plenty of material for this blog. But wait…

handies peak summit

You may think all work and no play makes Live Work Dream a dull blog. Well, you just wait. This right here is the reason we live life the way we do. Yes, we do get days off. Once in a while. When we’re not haying. And on one such recent precious day, we ran to the top of the world.

handies summit

Okay, it was mostly a hike. But we’ll have more details about that for sure.

Any questions? Ask me once the hay is in the barn…

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    • For the last few years, rain has been sparse like most of Western Colorado. But this year the monsoons have been very good to the San Juans and oh boy everyone is happy about it!


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