Workamping Provides Variety Work and Adventure

Workamping at Vickers Ranch always provides us with variety work and the opportunity for plenty of adventures. For this week’s Friday Five, we’ll share photos of both. Stay tuned for details โ€“ and video! โ€“ describing all this variety work and adventure in much more detail.

variety work
Cutting wood on the upper ranch.

For now, here’s another random collection of recent photos from our favorite ranch workamping job.

curring wood
Got wood?

Where to begin? We have so many photos, and so many stories to share already this summer.

ranch workamping
Logging with Larry.

I promise I’ll get around to that video showing the difference between cutting wood and cutting trees, sometime soon. Suffice it to say, no tractor is involved when cutting firewood.

Feller Jim marks his fall.

Now cutting trees when logging, that’s a different matter altogether.

lake expansion
Shovel vs. Excavator

Talk about variety work…one day I’ll be diggin’ a ditch. The next you may find me building rock steps…

rock steps
Rock steps โ€“ work in progress.

I knew when first starting this post I’d have many more than five photos to share for this weeks Friday Five. We may just need to increase our publishing frequency here in the Live Work Dream Blog this summer. That is, if I ever catch up on all the photos and videos we need to publish.

Cannibal Plateau Run
Rene runs down from Cannibal Plateau.

But such is life on the ranch, when you only have two days a week off from workamping to get all yer “real work” done.

Columbine on Massacre Flats

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  1. Cannibal Plateau? Massacre Flats? There’s an idea for a future post if you know the history behind the names. I’m intrigued!
    BTW, never be too shy to consult with your personal botanist. That is a calochortus not a columbine! Beautiful photo whatever its name is!


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