Five Favorite Full-time RVing Photos

Here’s a new idea for this week’s Fun Fotos Friday collection of random full-time RVing photos. I’ve pulled up a totally random selection of 100 full-time RVing photos from our 13+ years on the road. I’ll now share the top five that catch my eye. Maybe I’ll even include some commentary about these favorite moments from our nomadic lifestyle. Here goes…

Fremont Freak
Just another night on Fremont Street.

BOO! The first photo from this week’s collection that caught my attention reminded me of the many hallowed birthdays I’ve spent wandering with the Freaks on Fremont Street.

full-time rving photos
Asshole Garage, Hyder AK

HA! At first glance, I forgot where we saw this one, with so many photos in our Fun and Funky Signs gallery. Then I noticed it was from the blast we had in Hyder, on our Long Strange trip to Alaska.

El Caganer
El Caganer de Monja

HE HE… Next this Caganer we bought for a friend jumped out at me. I forgot all about that, until I found the post Rene wrote about the dilemma of flushing RV toilet paper, or not.

X Grave Marker
X Marks the Grave – Walla Walla, WA Cemetery

UH… Have you ever seen this headstone? As an avid taphophile, I’ve found a few of them in a cemeteries across the country. Yet I’ve still not discovered their true significance.

RIP Spoonie Gee

WHY? Even with a random collection of 100 full-time RVing photos, it’s hard to select only five favorites. But I had to include the self portrait of our dear friend Spoonie Gee. Damn, I miss that fat bastard.

That was fun! Shall we play this game again? Leave a comment suggesting a topic for next week’s Fun Fotos Friday, or I may do just that…

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