Remembering, Raining, Running and a Roadrunner

For this week’s Fun Fotos Friday, I got to reminiscing about all the fun Halloweens on Fremont Street we’ve enjoyed over the years. But that was the Before Times.


Being 2020 and all, it was scary enough. But I couldn’t let it go by without donning the birthday suit and taking a stroll. And yes, there were still some trick-or-treaters to be scared.

trick or treat

So I thought about posting a random collection of costumes and creeps, then I realized I hadn’t updated our RV Lifestyle Galleries in a while. So instead, I give you a random collection of recent photos.

los angeles graffiti

Prior to heading to our winter retreat at FOY, this graffiti caught my eye. The eyes and Tone’s expression pretty much capture how I’ve felt more than a few times this year. 

santa fe dam

I also went on a long bike ride shortly after my birthday, since Rene gave me some new cycling gear. While trying to heal a nagging hip, I haven’t been running anywhere near the distances I’d like to be.  

santa fe dam

That dam looks like a prison. But the metalwork out front brightened my mood. That ride turned out to be a rather wet one, as a downpour drenched me by the time I got home.

cauliflower steaks

Nothing some steaks on the grill couldn’t cure. And yes, those are cauliflower steaks!

at rest

Once I started running a few more miles, I made it to the Workman Homestead museum grounds – where I sure could have used some rest.


Once fueled up, we headed to FOY. Sadly, once there, the first thing we did was say goodbye to Wyatt.

paisano pete

But he made a point to visit us every morning for at least another week, when Paisano Pete made his daily appearance.

chocolate mountain trail

So that pretty much brings us up to date with all our photos.

rene runs


Though I am still slowly catching up to Rene on my road to recovery.

foy trail run

In more ways than one these days.

rene hoops

Got an idea for my next random collection of Fun Friday Fotos? Please leave a comment, or be forewarned…

civil society

I may come up with something completely random, and ridiculous!

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