Democracy Is At Risk

Apparently, democracy is at risk. At least in Los Angeles. But don’t shoot the messenger. Before you get all troll on me dropping hate comments defending your political stance, stop. Breathe, take a moment to contemplate the meaning of this graffiti I photographed on a recent run along San Jose Creek.

swastika drop-oo
Swatzika [sic] Drop-Off
I am only the messenger here. Though I’m not exactly sure what the message is. Embracing Fearvana, I ran along this desolate branch of the San Gabriel River aqueduct to log miles for our Tripawds 2020 Virtual Marathon.

Don’t be fooled. Maybe democracy is at risk.

Maybe local authorities are in cahoots with the federal government. Maybe they are playing mind games and performing mental torture on unsuspecting citizens. Or, maybe this is the rambling of disturbed individuals.

Don’t be fooled:
The CIA simply handed it over to the private sector.
So now MK-Ultra, aka, no touch torture in sot a program
But War crimes against the American People.

Regardless, I enjoy admiring all sorts of graffiti. I usually only take the time to take pictures of elaborate art adorning trains, or not so typical tags in less than typical locations.

Remote forest road graffiti near Westfir, Oregon.

But running past these run on sentences got me thinking. I thought twice about sharing them here. For what if they are true? Will some nutjob find this post and stalk me? Or will cloak-clad agents detain me for further questioning? Maybe I would discover the mystery behind MK-Ultra tactics. Perhaps I’d find the answers in MONARCH: The New Phoenix Program.

secret societies

Where was I again? Oh yeah, no erased memories here. Not that I know of. I ran past the rant about the various nefarious acts of L.A. county officials. I felt a need to document this, after so much work went into it. Clearly a lot of thought did at least.

for the secret societies that no longer function in secrecy today threaten

Perhaps too much thought.

human experimentation

Somebody either knows something we’re all not supposed to question. Or they are off their meds.

Human experimentation as practiced today was first discovered during WWII…
Don’t let the Federal Gov turn your brain into a concentration camp!

mongoose operation

Yet, there is some truth to Operation Mongoose.

If the police can’t defend us…then yes, the country’s truly arrested by the new hand not of law but lawlessness just like any third world country whose “democracy” we often restore.
Let not today’s informant become as yesterday’s Cuban exile: employed for purposes of terrorist activity in the US and Cuba! But maybe it’s too late.
Mongoose operation is in full effect…led by subcontractors for the DOD and criminal witnesses under federal protection (DOJ) as part of the University Party.

This one was a doozie. I tried to capture it as a panorama, but that was not worth my time to piece it together legibly. Like this thought provoking vandalism, consider it art…

Conspiracy Graffiti
Los Angeles Conspiracy Graffiti

The whole scene reminded me of a great movie. Whether the thoughts presented here disturb you or make you laugh, watch The Men Who Stare at Goats.

Epilogue: Democracy At Risk

Scheduling this post, I only now realize it will publish on September 11. Inspired by lunatic ramblings about conspiracy, I will leave you to consider the coincidence.

PS: There are no coincidences.

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  1. Shortly, my brother Jim will return to LA after simmering in New England. I told him “be careful Jim, it’s changed, it’s all changed.” He replied “Sooo…Whaaaat.”

    I was out there last Winter, after decades. I was amazed at the amount of sidewalk tents. Venice Beach looked almost 3rd world. I don’t understand the purpose of the graffiti with all the social media outlets. Stay safe out there brutha!


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