Some Silly and Serious Sculptures We’ve Seen

It’s my Friday post, so it’s time for more fun photos…I was looking for one sculpture picture in particular for my recent article about how to refuel your Chi. It looked a lot like this one, from a cool sculpture garden we discovered in Asheville, North Carolina long ago.

asheville angst

So why not share a random selection of sculpture photos, I thought. We must have plenty of those in our many RVing lifestyle photo galleries. And we do, scroll to enjoy or click to enlarge and view all.

bisbee angel

In fact, we have one whole gallery dedicated specifically to Town Mascots.


I created that gallery and gave it the title early in our travels, after discovering many small towns in the midwest had large animal sculptures proudly on display.

Jim Falls

In Wisconsin, they were everywhere. Some were part of memorial gardens.

big loon

Then there was this Big Loon at Long Lake.

big otter

Others, were obviously a mascot. Like this one we came across in Otter Tail, Minnesota.

paul bunyan

I thought Paul Bunyan was a northwest thing, but he’s everywhere.

paul bunyan

We were surprised to see him and Babe the Blue Ox in Bemidji.

president park

Did you know South Dakota has a whole park filled with severed president heads?

paisano pete

Big metal bucks, bears, and birds aren’t only found in the midwest. Perhaps you’ve seen Paisano Pete in your travels through Texas.

wall drug

Of course, there is the obligatory Giant Jackalope photo from our visit to Wall Drug. But those Jackalopes come in all shapes and sizes.


If y’all ever get to Anza Borrego, don’t miss amazing roadside sculptures by artist Ricardo Breceda.

anza borrego

Some artists get pretty creative in their use of materials for creating sculptures that represent the businesses they guard. Like this Buoy Boy in Port Townsend, Washington.

buoy boy

And some architects incorporate the sculpture right into the building itself.

laundry skull

Why you can get a Miami Ice at King Kone in Michigan, is beyond me.

king kone

Some sculptures are the biggest this or that, like the world’s largest fly rod – or so they say, in Houston, British Columbia.

big rod

Some have either been around a very long time, were erected with no sense of cultural sensitivity, or clearly indicate you are in Wyoming.

cowboys and indians

You’ll find plenty of dinosaur sculptures on the road.


This one seemed to jump at us from along the highway somewhere in New Mexico.

the big hammer

But this collection of random sculpture photos would not be complete with one from where we started it all so long ago, when we passed Pierson’s heading south from Eureka.

Got an idea for my next random photo collection? I bet we got pictures of it!

4 thoughts on “Some Silly and Serious Sculptures We’ve Seen”

  1. There is a large metal Canada Goose as you come into Wawa, Ontario, Canada. Wawa is somewhat remote (northeast of theN.E. corner of Lake Superior) so you have to doing the circle tour around the Lake or be on a quest for additional town mascot photos. BTW: The whole Paul Bunyan and Babe thing is big in Minnesota.

  2. Love your photos! We love taking photos like this, too.

    If you’re in Bowie, Texas… they have a very large Bowie knife, as one might expect!


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