Running the Bizz Johnson Trail

If you’re reading this on Monday morning, please pardon my snoring. I’m fast asleep from twenty six point two happy miles of running the Bizz Johnson Trail yesterday.

running the Bizz Johnson Trail
I love the dirt surface we will run on!

Ok maybe not all the miles were batshit crazy happy. I’m guessing that like last time in our Colorado marathon, some of those miles might be darn painful. 

But with scenery like this, it will be easier to ignore whatever pain signals my body is giving out. Either way, I’m writing this post ahead of time, knowing I won’t feel like doing it on Monday morning.

What to Expect Running the Bizz Johnson Trail

running the Bizz Johnson Trail
Rails-to-Trails are awesome places to explore!

A few days ago I did a reconnoissance on the Bizz Johnson Trail that we will run for the marathon. As per my training plan, I only did a brief eight mile run but WOW. This trail is spectacular!

The Bizz Johonson National Recreation Trail is:

Following the old Fernley and Lassen Branch Line of the Southern Pacific railroad, the trail winds 25.4 miles from Susanville, California to Mason Station. For the first 16 miles, the trail follows the Susan River. As it winds through the rugged Susan River Canyon, the trail crosses the river 12 times on bridges and trestles and passes through two tunnels. 

The landscape is a combination of semi-arid canyon and upland forests of pine and fir. Most of the trail traverses the Susan River Canyon with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and reminders of the railroad and logging days of the past. The remarkable autumn colors and scenery along the Bizz Johnson Trail earned it one of eight feature spots on the Rails-To-Trails Conservancy’s 1997 “Fall Foliage on the Web” rail-trails guide.  –Bureau of Land Management

running the Bizz Johnson Trail
It was dawn when I took this pic. In daylight it’s even prettier!

You can run it, hike it, horseback ride it or snowmobile part of it. I had no idea this trail existed until we signed up for the race.

From what I saw on my short run, the fall colors are going to be spectacular! The four days of warmish days and freezing cold nighttime temperatures here in Susanville were exactly what’s needed for brilliant foliage.

I’m so glad we picked this race over others. What attracted me the most to this one is that like the Colorado Marathon, the terrain is a gradual downhill descent, and along a mighty pretty river canyon.

running the Bizz Johnson Trail
With scenery like this, I may get distracted.

I’m not expecting to break the world marathon record. Not even close. In fact it will be difficult keeping my momentum up when all I want to do is stop and take in the scenery, and snap a few photos!

But I shall persevere, and finish the race with a smile.

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  1. Hey y’all. I don’t run anymore but love to cycle. If you ever find yourselves in northeast Alabama, check out Chief Ladiga/Silver Comet Rails to Trails. It runs from near Anniston, Alabama across the Georgia state line to Smyrna, GA, outside of Atlanta. I haven’t ridden the whole thing yet, but I think the total is 67 miles. I’m not sure about the Georgia part, but there are some pretty views on the Alabama side.

    Happy Trails


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