Good Friends and Fresh Fish

Two of my favorite things about traveling full-time are connecting with dear friends we haven’t seen in a long time, and enjoying the best local foods different regions have to offer. Recently, we got to do both those things while visiting some very dear friends and enjoying some very fresh fish.

Fresh Coho Salmon
Fresh Coho Salmon

I always say I don’t care to try any local sushi joint, unless we are near a coast where I know the fish will be fresh – or in Vegas, you can get anything there, anytime.

Big Ass Cod

These friends are about as dear as they come, and they happen to live about as close to the coast as one can get in the far Northwest.

Copalis Beach
Copalis Rock

They offered free camping in a beautiful wooded spot across from the beach. And they treated us to some ocean fresh salmon from the local Indian Nation at Quinault Pride Seafoods up the road in Taholan, Washington.

Quinault Pride Seafoods
Quinault Pride Seafoods

“Great, how many do you want,” the tall man asked when we said we were there to buy some fish.

“Uhh, one…” The look on his face made me laugh out loud. But they were all good-hearted souls and very accommodating, as they wheeled out an ice-packed cart filled with some of the largest Coho salmon we had ever seen.

“This is probably the smallest one we have,” he said with a smile. Within minutes they were cleaning and cutting our giant fish for us.

Fresh Fish
Quinault Pride Preparation

No we didn’t make sushi. But we did enjoy the best and biggest smoked salmon fillets I have ever had. With most of the fish filling up the freezer for many meals to come.

fish heads
Eat them up yum…

Clearly we weren’t the only ones they were cutting fish for that day.

Razor Clams
Quinault Razor Clams

The big haul of the day, however, was clearly razor clams. Uhh, maybe next time…

Ari and Jim
Here’s to good friends…

Speaking of next time, so long man. And thanks for all the fish.


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