Our Wild West Wyoming RV Retreat Video

We came to Wyoming to save on rent. But we are leaving with a permanent love of this wide open landscape. Our Wyoming RV retreat was better than we could have hoped for.

Wyoming RV Retreat Wonders

Carbon County Wyoming landscape
All this before 8 am. What a day.

This three week stay wasn’t perfect. The weather completely sucked for more than nine days and today it’s windy as hell. Oh that wind!

Apparently Wyoming wind is an all year thing, and it’s as bad as New Mexico in March. But I’m still glad we stuck it out here. Had we not, we wouldn’t have known about the free Corb Lund show in Casper on Saturday night. Just two hours from here, our next stop is the big town for some Music Americana. Corb is one of our favorite Canadian cowboy alt country singers. Guess we’ll start a new “Music Canadiana” playlist on our LiveWorkDream YouTube channel.

Hiking CDT trail Rawlins Wyoming
Only a day hike. One of these days we’ll just keep going up the CDT.

Our Carbon County experience camping near Rawlins is proof that interstate driving really robs you of the chance to get to know our country. It’s like thinking you understand Americans because you watch Breaking Bad. Or that you totally get British people because you watch Downton Abbey. Etcetera, etcetera.

Interstate Lies from the Dashboard

You’re probably sick of hearing us rave about this place. I promise this is our last time for now. It’s just been such a surprise. We’ve driven the eastbound stretch of Interstate 80 through Rawlins at least a dozen times over the years. Each time, we saw little that would make us want to stay longer. Of course we were only seeing it from a dashboard road view

Now that we had a chance to get a closer look, we are impressed. There is so much more beautiful nature around here than we thought. I see a lot more stays in our future.

Carbon County Wyoming plants
Tufted evening primrose flowers sprang up overnight.

For now, here’s a little video compilation of our Wyoming RV retreat near Rim Lake. I hope it encourages you to check out other parts of the country you totally disregarded in the past. I know we will.

4 thoughts on “Our Wild West Wyoming RV Retreat Video”

  1. We’ve been up to Thermopolis which I believe is nearby? But we didn’t really spend a lot of time there. I can’t wait for us to get back so we can see it in-depth. Anything with “Cirque” in it must be lovely!

  2. You are so right about interstate driving. Someday, you will have to check out the Lander,WY area and the Wind River Mountains.

    WY has a lot to offer. We spent many summers in WY. We discovered it by attending the International Rock Climbers Festival in Lander, which is held the first Wednesday after the July 4th. The back country in the Winds is pristine, especially in and around the Cirque of the Towers.


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