New Favorite Boondocking Spot

Now that the weather has cleared up, I’m coming to appreciate a new favorite boondocking spot a bit more…

Rim Lake Boondocking in Snow

About 8 miles outside Rawlins, Wyoming on Highway 71 you’ll find Rim Lake. For starters, it’s free, and surrounded by plenty of BLM land.

Rim Lake Wyoming

I don’t usually share exact locations of favorite remote destinations we find. But I’m not so wary about sharing the location of this spot, because it is doubtful it will ever become too popular.

Rim Lake Boondocking

Cellular service is rather spotty, but thanks to our weBoost cell signal booster we have a fairly reliable connection. It has slowed down at times, which is why we love our RVDataSat satellite internet system.

Rim Lake Wyoming

Aside from that, there’s really not much here. What’s left of Rim Lake is pretty dried up. And that’s why I like it. No real attraction to draw crowds means we’ve been pretty much been alone our whole time here. A few local yokels have shown up to shoot shit off in the distance, but they keep to themselves.

Rim Lake Tower Road

We have spotted plenty of antelope, and the baby groundhogs are emerging to play this time of year. We did meet one Continental Divide Hiker, from Switzerland. The CDT is just up a rather steep bluff.

Continental Divide Trail

There are plenty of other running trails, and a rather quiet remote stretch of highway, which make for nice training as we get back into swing of running again.

Rim Lake CDT Trail

The access road is well maintained, there is room for a couple rigs, and town is close enough for any important errands. And, it’s just a couple hours from Fort Collins so I have a feeling we’ll be back to Rim Lake.

5 thoughts on “New Favorite Boondocking Spot”

  1. I am a new follower of your blog. My husband loves Wyoming and he loved these pictures. He might be on his way soon.

  2. Sam and I will have to check out this spot in July when we are in the area. I think that we may have already been here. I remember boondocking at a place with a lake during storms with a huge rainbow a few years back.


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