How to Tow Trailer with Broken Leaf Spring

And Laugh About It…

It’s now been over a month, more than 1,500 miles, and another flat tire, since our broken leaf spring on the Alaska Highway, but I finally got around to compiling all the gory footage Rene shot from that long 36 hours on the Alcan.

Honestly, making this video was more cathartic than anything. This may be a bit longer than that first Memories movie I shared (below), but it has much more close up detail about just how one does tow a fifth wheel trailer with a broken leaf spring. It also reminds me of just how grateful I am that we all survived, with our sanity, and our home relatively intact.

I am especially grateful for our Tire-SafeGuard TPMS, for without the immediate warning it gave, that day–and the damage done–would have been much worse. I look back at our few trailer tire flats over the years, with and without a TPMS, and wonder why we waited so long to get one!

We are also thankful for our CoachNet roadside assistance, the extra tire protection coverage we have, and the kind rep who dispatched Capital Towing from Whitehorse to come get us all the way up north of Destruction Bay–which is so appropriately named–and tow our home five hours back to Tamarack Welding and Tire Repair who fixed us up right, and got us back on the road.

And no, I was not paid to make this video, nor to say any of that. I’m just getting this out of my system for good, and being grateful for how well Wyatt, Rene and I all handled the situation…thanks to our Headspace and Laughter Yoga.

For anyone who missed the preview, here that is again…

And here’s that follow up about what happened, for anyone interested in trailer suspension.

Thanks for watching!

8 thoughts on “How to Tow Trailer with Broken Leaf Spring”

  1. What an adventure–in more ways than you anticipated! We have other Escapee friends in Alaska now and although their only big issue was bad gas, it caused enough trouble (not knowing the source) that it resulted in a 5 hour tow into White Horse. It sounded SO much like your long tow. I’m thinking Alaska = issues = towing. Kind of a package deal. I’m just glad you are now on the road and laughing about it.


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