Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs

Our full-timing photo galleries have been filling up quickly lately. One thing I particularly enjoy photographing everywhere we go is fun and funky signs

Northern Lights Center
Northern Lights Center across from the Signpost Forest

The Signpost Forest was clearly the largest single collection of signs from all over the world we have ever seen. As my mother used to say, from “funny peculiar” to “funny ha ha” we have found some rather interesting signs along the way recently.

Miles Canyon Hiking Bridge
Miles Canyon Hiking Bridge

Some state the obvious, and others are even more important requiring your specific attention.

The tundra landscape along the Golden Circle drive from Haines to Haines Junction, BC was some of the most spectacular we have seen in our travels. Personally I would love to do some serious backpacking out there.

If that were to ever happen, I would pay some serious attention to the terrain–and the many warning signs that make the point very clear!

Some handmade signs also offer warnings to steer clear…like this one we spotted on an RV parking at the Whitehorse Walmart.

As the sign guy at Vickers, who has made many signs in my previous life, I always appreciate the craftsmanship of some I’ve seen.

Others are quite welcoming, whether you’re coming or going.

Hyder, Alaska
Leaving Hyder, Alaska. (Population: 64±)

While certain signs make you wonder whether or not you should drink the water.

Skagway Alaska
Skagway Harbor Water Quality Notice

My favorites, are those strategically placed signs, and ironic ones that date themselves.

Hyder Alaska Internet

I especially like signs created by creative individuals.

Hyder Trucker

Those with history behind them. (More about these when we report on our visit to Hyder, Alaska)

Hyder, Alaska
Hyder, AK – The only unguarded U.S. Border

And those that speak the truth.

Hyder Alaska Garage

Let’s hope we never need to go see that last guy for help…more about another remote Alaskan repair shop that did recently come to the rescue coming soon.

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