Living, Working, Walking on the Miles Canyon Suspension Bridge

When you aren’t on vacation and working while you travel, doing the tourist thing tends to happen bit by bit throughout the week. At least it does for us. Like when we spent our morning at the Miles Canyon Suspension Bridge near Whitehorse.

Getting High on the Miles Canyon Suspension Bridge

People on vacation spend all day doing fun things for short periods of time. People who full-time RV and work at the same time do incremental explorations of a given area, bit by bit, for as long as they want to stay in one spot. On the day we walked the Miles Canyon Suspension Bridge, it was pretty much the only touristy thing we did all week. 

Meanwhile back here at camp, I saw a camper packing up and asked if he was leaving already. He had only been in his spot for one night. He was moving on, said he had to get home. Then he asked me “So you have more time to stay? Lucky you!”

Miles Canyon Suspension Bridge Whitehorse
Jim left his lock of love on the bridge. Some day we’ll return and try to find it.

Well yeah, we’ve got all the time in the world to hang out and explore. When we’re not working. And of course until we get bored and want to see something else.

I laughed at his comment, and was a little envious too. That guy was on vacation. Sure, he only had two days in this location, but he left work behind! I miss the days when we could literally walk away from work for days on end. That hasn’t happened for us in about 10 years, since we started relying on the internet for our income. Now, it’s extremely difficult to walk away for 12 hours, much less 24. This lifestyle can be a blessing, and a curse, that’s for sure.

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