Taking RV Ferries to the Signpost Forest

No, you do not need to take a ferry to get to Watson Lake. Not unless you go the way we did…

Two New RVing to Alaska Videos!

We’ve taken a couple short detours on our way through British Columbia on the way to Alaska.

Upper Arrow Lake ferry, West-bound to Shelter Bay

The first took us to the Kootenays, where we enjoyed our first two ferry trips* with the trailer, across Arrow Lake, and back.

Then it was onward–and northward–to the Yukon Territories!

Signpost Forest a Sight to See!

We’ve also been playing the tourist more than usual lately. One must-see attraction for all Alaska-bound RVers is the Signpost Forest in Watson Lake, YT.

This quick two minute tour barely scratches the surface…

Of course, we had to hang a shingle of our own. Or an old license plate from our first rig, rather.

Signpost Forest LiveWorkDream Sign
LiveWorkDream makes its mark in the Signpost Forest

Hopefully the video and all these photos will remind us where we put it, if we ever return.

Signpost Forest Signs
Signs of all sorts, from all over the world.

I’ve got a pretty good hunch Rene is already thinking when, not if.

Extra credit for anyone who gets the floppy dog or Barney reference!

*Technically, this was not our very first RV ferry trip. That was back in early 2008 when we were forced on a short ferry ride across a Louisiana river where the bridge had been washed away Hurricane Rita…

Creole, LA auto ferry
Creole, LA auto ferry (February, 2008)

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