More RV Road Trip Photos Coming Your Way

I promise.

In my last update from our epic Alaska adventure–the one with with far too many photos–I made this observation:

…perhaps we need to blog more often!

Rene has accepted the challenge!

For anyone following along at home, we have been publishing a blog post every Wednesday morning here at Live Work Dream, for…well, for as long as Jetpack can remember.

We’ve always taken turns putting lots of thought into fairly detailed posts every other week. Meanwhile all our galleries fill up with many photos that may get overlooked. Starting today, we’ll each be taking an extra day each week to quickly share a few photos or a quick video from our travels…a lot like the early days of this blog when the Dream was a bit more about the Live part than the Work.

Williams Lake Visitor Centre
Free boondocking overnight at Williams Lake Visitor Centre.

So, without further adieu…here is a small sampling of some favorite scenes, camp sites, and signs I have spotted along our way throughout British Columbia, ‘cuz she is just so photogenic eh.

Prince George, British Columbia
Prince George, British Columbia

Like this Panorama from a run we took near our Petersen Creek boondocking spot.

Toad River ATV Bridge
Toad River ATV Bridge at Petersen Creek, BC Canada

Or this other view of the Toad River further upstream, from along Canada Route 97.

Toad River
Toad River along Highway 97 in Brittish Columbia

We spotted this fun sign outside a liquor store in Sicamous, BC…

Man's Best Friend?
Man’s Best Friend?

Next to the After Dark Distillery where we picked up some tasty Copper Island Gin.

Copper Island Gin
After Dark Distillery Copper Island Gin, Sicamous BC

Which we enjoyed at another free site for the night, somewhere along the Alaska Highway…Any guesses to what time it is in this photo? 

Alaska Highway Rest Stop
Alaska Highway Rest Stop Boondocking

I think it was sometime around 10:00—PM! Hmmm…we may still be overdoing it with the photos after all. But we clearly have some catching up to do. 

Tumbler Ridge Golf Course
Tumbler Ridge Golf Course Campground Camp Site

Don’t worry, we’ll still work on long form content for our regular Wednesday posts. But stay tuned for more random pictures, shorter blog posts, and brief videos, on Monday and Friday too. Enjoy! Subscribe here to be notified of new posts, and please let us know what you think with comments once in a while.


8 thoughts on “More RV Road Trip Photos Coming Your Way”

  1. It looks like you are all having an amazing time! 11 Bears in one day you guys!!! We might join you on your next trip north eh!! What amazing sights! Wyatt must be in his element!
    Until we see you again, we will live through your blogs and pictures… we don’t mind an overload of them at all!!! How many times can any of us say that we have seen Alaska, even through friends’ eyes!
    Any time you want to spend more time in Beautiful British Columbia, you know where to find us!
    Lots of loving and wishes for safe travels as always.
    Petra, Paul, Stewie, Spikey, Chester, Miss Lily and Ted

  2. We LOVE pictures…and your pictures AND your adventures…so the more the merrier!!! Seriously though, there is something about seeing it with ones own eyes…so I probably speak for a lot of your “followers”….bring em on! Hooray….Monday and Friday too!


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