Northern Rockies Scary Bears and Bugs du Jour

If you want to RV to Alaska, you’ve must be prepared to become intimately acquainted with the Northern Rockies scary bears and bugs. Be on your best behavior or get eaten. It’s that simple.

Tumbler Ridge Trail Bear Warning
Don’t mess with BC bears.

We thought we had seen the ugliest of insects when we met flying cockroaches in Florida. Well, up here in the Great White North, they get uglier, meaner and more plentiful. And the locals aren’t shy about letting you know what to expect.

British Columbia scary bears
Black bears and grizzlies are always something to consider in the BC back country.

From stinging black flies to bears and sparrow-sized mosquitoes, there is no escape from nature’s biggest side show freaks. Now we know what it means to be in “raw, untamed wilderness.”

British Columbia scary bugs
They aren’t exaggerating about giant mosquitoes in the North Country.

Yes, the mosquitoes really are as big as you’ve heard. We purchased a Thermacell mosquito repellent to keep them away. So far we haven’t need to use it yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

The critters impact us on every level. Ever since working out with the Super Seniors over winter, Jim and I had a good exercise routine going. We were running anywhere from five to eight miles at a time, almost every day of the week. But with all of the bear activity in British Columbia, and now the Yukon, we’ve scaled way back on our daily workouts.

British Columbia scary bears
You can’t hike anywhere without seeing these warning signs about bears.

Now that we’re in the Northern Rockies scary bear territory, we always run together now, something we rarely did before. And we never leave home without our arsenal of bear protection, including bear spray, bear noisemakers and a cell phone to blast loud obnoxious workout music on the trail. I’m really hoping we don’t meet any bears who like Demi Lovato.

British Columbia scary bears
Bear bangers, pepper spray and Demi Lovato. Don’t leave home without it.

We only run until we see a pile of bear poop. I constantly worry thinking about how we could get eaten by a bear on the trail while Wyatt is home alone waiting for us. So when we see bear poop, we turn around and head back.

My new mantra is, “Better to be slightly out of shape and alive than get eaten by an angry grizzly.” This journey has brought a whole new level of excitement into our morning workouts.



2 thoughts on “Northern Rockies Scary Bears and Bugs du Jour”

  1. Oh my gongases you guys!!! You are making Paul and i smile as you venture through the wild outback of Northern British Columbia! We love your new workout routine and the music choice is definitely worth a giggle, the bears won’t know what’s coming!!! You are well prepared and wise for leaving Wyatt at home to guard off any unwanted nosy Parker’s!

    Continue to have a fantastic and adventurous holiday, we are thoroughly enjoying your moments you share!

    Just remember that if you’re dealing with a Black Bear, your bells and whistles are good for announcing your are there and they would prefer to run. If it is a Grizzly Bear, your bells and whistles will announce that dinner is on it’s way and they would prefer to stay!

    Stay safe you guys, we won’t open up that bottle of Red without you! All the best you guys and many hugs all around!

    Petra, Paul, Smoochin’ Stewie, Spitfire Spikey, Chester Pester, Miss Piggy Lily and Bigger Pig Ted

    • Oh my gosh Petra, BC looks like New York City when compared to the Yukon! It is wild and soooo expen$ive up here! Whenever we go grocery shopping Jim keeps reminding me we are in another country.

      I LOVE your bear tips, thank you! Yes I will take them into consideration. I have my bear book memorized!

      Hope you have a hoppy Canada Day this weekend!


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