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I went for my run this morning somewhere in the desert between Quartzsite and Salome, Arizona. I was enjoying the fresh air and beautiful sights—the sun was rising, the moon was still up, with not a soul in sight except for the Saguaro…

Ramsey Mine Road, Brenda, AZ

And the Cholla, and Ocotillo…

[twocol_one]Ramsey Mine Road, Brenda, AZ[/twocol_one]

[twocol_one_last]Ramsey Mine Road, Brenda, AZ[/twocol_one_last]

Among much other flora I can’t pronounce, and fauna hiding among the rocks, I’m sure. And I got to thinking…

What happened?

We used to regularly update all our photo galleries, like every week. We used to post soooo many pictures of places we’ve visited, local attractions and favorite restaurants. I would spend hours making eight minute videos about our travels, complete with titles and music.

As I neared the end of my run, I got to thinking how I’ve been putting too much thought into my blog posts lately. So I decided to update our galleries and share some recent favorite photos…

Free Boondocking in Brenda, AZ

I’ll tell you what happened. Life happened.

The road trip is over. Our full-time RVing lifestyle is not some big deal I feel the need flaunt or share under a microscope anymore. It is just how we live. And we work full-time to live the dream. So, life tends to get in the way of superfluous blog fodder while we focus on product reviews and demonstration videos of our favorite rig mods and upgrades.


I’m not saying the adventure is over, not by any means. I still thoroughly enjoy traveling full-time and waking up, wondering exactly where I am. I especially like it when I remember we are boondocking alone somewhere peaceful and quiet. I love finding secluded spots off the beaten path. Since we can work from anywhere, these places are where we get our best work done. We have just become much more focused on our various business endeavors to spend time publishing pretty pictures.

So, here ya go…

Free Boondoocking in Brenda, AZ
Free Boondoocking off Ramsey Mine Road near Brenda, AZ

Where are we now?

Since the New Year began, we’ve been hopping around the Southwest. Enjoying some incredible boondocking spots in Arizona.

Free RV Boondocking Ajo, AZ
Free RV boondocking near Ajo, AZ

We also spent time in Tuscon—big city life for us! While Rene worked the show, I held down the fort and babysat Wyatt. But I still got a few fun runs in.

View from A Mountain Tucson, AZ
View from A Mountain Tucson, AZ

If you’ve ever noticed A Mountain from anywhere in Tucson, Here’s what it looks like up close…

View from A Mountain Tucson, AZ
A Mountain

Speaking of Tucson—and good eats—we enjoyed a memorable meal at El Charro Cafe to celebrate our departure.

El Charro, Tucson AZ Margaritas en El Patio
Margaritas en El Patio a El Charro Cafe

When deciding where we would dine, Rene discovered El Charro is the oldest Mexican restaurant in the U.S still in continuous operation by the same family—founded in 1922. Easiest. Decision. Ever.

El Charro, Tucson AZ Fresh Ceviche

The restaurant’s success is no wonder: fantastic fresh food, great margaritas, an incredible selection, good people and great service in a beautiful authentic setting.

El Charro, Tucson AZ Vegetarian Tamale and Relleno
El Charro Cafe, Vegetarian Tamale and Chile Relleno

Don’t tell Olga, but the green chile tamale and chile relleno (my favorite combination) were the best ever. The fresh ceviche was worth the wait and they even have vegan selections—any vegan will tell you, that’s rare find at Mexican restaurants!

Pat's Famous Chili Dogs Tucson, AZ

While in Tucson, we stayed downtown at Sentinel Peak RV Park. It’s incredibly convenient, and right down the road from another Tucson original: Pat’s Drive In. Even as vegetarians, this place beckoned us.

Pat's Famous Chili Dogs Tucson, AZ
Pat’s Famous Chili Dogs Tucson, AZ

No, you won’t find veggie chili dogs at Pat’s. And yes, the house-cut fries may be sitting around a while if the place isn’t too busy—which it always seems to be. But the fish and chips are great and the onion rings are some of the best I have ever had!

Pat's Famous Chili Dogs Tucson, AZ - Great Onion Rings!

Which brings me back to these runs I’m trying to keep up…Tucson has a great bike path with easy access from Sentinel Peak. But I’d much rather enjoy my desert runs.

Ajo Arizona Backroads
Ajo Arizona Backroads

Back in Ajo, I ran across stumbled upon the most Ironic scene, miles from pavement in a perfectly secluded boondocking spot…

No Solitude in Solitude RV, Ajo AZ Boondocking

Solitude? Not! We had ours just a couple miles down the road.

Here in Brenda, I figured Ramsey Mine Road must lead to some sort of mine somewhere. And I found it!

Ramsey Mine, Brenda, AZ

Across the seemingly abandoned overpass, and little over three miles down the dirt roads, I found what must be Ramsey Mine.

Ramsey Mine, Brenda, AZ

Up the hill a bit, on the way back, I discovered this other defunct mine entrance.

Ramsey Mine, Brenda, AZ

So there ya have it, we should be caught up for a while when it comes to desert pics and food porn.

[twocol_one]Free Boondocking RV Site, Ajo Arizona


[twocol_one_last]Free Boondocking RV Site, Ajo Arizona[/twocol_one_last]

I’ll leave you with this marker someone left us at a perfectly appropriate boondocking spot near the big pit New Cornalia Mine site in Ajo…

Free Boondocking RV Site, Ajo Arizona

Enough Pictures?

Don’t worry, I have a few more epic how-to posts and maintenance tips in the works. I just didn’t want to rush one of those this evening, and hope you enjoyed these photos from our recent adventures.Yes, every day is still an adventure.

Thanks for following along! Leave a comment to let us know what you prefer to read about here…The living? The working? Or the Dreaming?

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