Trimax Lock Secures Your Fifth Wheel

Last week we were cruising The SEMA Show for products of potential interest to LiveWorkDream readers. Among all the crazy Jeep gear and classic cars and custom build accessories,  I spotted the Trimax Locks and Security booth filled with…yup, you guessed it: locks and security products for trailers and hitches of all sorts.

TriMax Fifth Wheel Hitch Lock
Trimax Fifth Wheel Pin Lock

Based on feedback from previous posts and personal experience reading various RVing forums and social media groups, I know that security is a major issue for many RVers. Some people are just paranoid, others have valid concerns about their property—or their home—being stolen. I’ve only reviewed one other RV security product* here, so I was happy to see that Trimax has a fifth wheel lock.

* See RV Lock Keyless RV Entry Review

For starters, the Trimax booth staff and product manager were very friendly and informative—and kind enough to give me one of their fifth wheel locks to test for myself. Granted, there is not much to “test” with such a simple product, so I’ll keep this brief.

TriMax Fifth Wheel Hitch Lock

The Trimax Fifth Wheel Lock is beefy, and built to last. Constructed of heavy gauge alloy, the cuff weighs less than one pound yet feels like iron.

The spring-loaded lock head makes the Trimax simple to install. Insert the key and twist, and the locking pin pops out. This allows the security ring to easily slide over the fifth wheel kingpin catch. Hold the lock over your fifth wheel’s kingpin and insert the key. Push and twist the key to secure the lock in place. It’s that simple, nobody will be able to connect their truck and pull away with your trailer.

[box type=”alert” size=”large” style=”rounded” border=”full”]NOTE: Remove fifth wheel lock before connecting trailer to avoid hitch damage![/box]

The bright yellow color of the lock isn’t just clever branding. This 5th Wheel Trailer Lock is clearly visible from a distance so you don’t back up into it when connecting your trailer. Any potential trailer thief will also be easily deterred!

TriMax Fifth Wheel Hitch Lock

Find great deals on all Trimax trailer locks and security products and read more reviews in their Amazon store, and check the Trimax Locks website for more information.

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