Sweet Rides Seen at SEMA

We interrupt our regularly scheduled full-time RVing blog posts, product reviews, maintenance tips, and workamping videos for some sweet eye candy from the 2016 SEMA show…

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SEMA 2016 Custom Cars and Rig Builds

No, you’re not gonna tow these custom cars and classics behind your RV. And yes, we went to SEMA for work—to find truck, and towing products to review. But don’t panic, we’ll be writing about some of the pretty cool stuff we discovered soon! 


For now, I just couldn’t resist sharing some photos of the sweet rides and custom builds we saw while wandering the halls. After all, the show is so big it took us a few days just to put a dent in our list of the many products we wanted to see.

SEMA 2016 Custom Cars and Rig Builds

Yeah, there were plenty of sports cars and monster trucks. Lifted trucks are apparently a big thing—a really big thing! These are just a few of the beautiful vehicles that caught my eye.


This classic Westgate trailer was the only actual RV we found on the show floor, but it was worth the few hours it took to find. The build was sponsored by Norton | Saint Gobain—a leading brand of automotive restoration products—for some Flippin’ TV series. The fresh lacquer smell suggested the crew had barely finished in time for the show.

OK, the trailer wasn’t the only RV…

SEMA 2016 Custom Cars and Rig Builds

Apparently this beast with the tracks is the “Ice Ram” driven by Dwayne Johnson in the upcoming Fast 8 film. Technically, for the record, The Rock isn’t actually the driver.


I really enjoyed all the restored old cars and trucks, but there were a few new futuristic rides too… 


Half the booths we visited had some sort of tricked out Jeep. So I laughed when the friend we were meeting up with at the show texted, “I’m by the Jeeps!” 🙂

SEMA 2016 Custom Cars and Rig Builds

Call me practical, but one of my favorite rigs had to be this mint condition Ford Bronco custom wrapped for Weego, one of those cool new products from SEMA we promise to write about soon…

SEMA 2016 Custom Cars and Rig Builds

Stay tuned for details about some cool new RVing and towing products we found at SEMA 2016. Meanwhile, don’t miss all our photo galleries for more cool rigs and campers—as well as many other oddities and attractions from out travels.

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