Free Unlimited Broadband for RVers is Pure Gluttony

Free unlimited broadband for full-time RVers is a dream for many vagabonds like us. This summer we’re getting a sweet taste of it while workamping at Vickers Ranch. The owners just installed new, faster wifi and although there are many reasons why we love coming here, this is in our top three (right underneath hay season and guest appreciation night).

free unlimited broadband for RVers

We’re trying to stick to shopping local in Lake City all summer so we took advantage of Amazon Prime’s monthly subscription rate. Now you can get it on a monthly basis for just $10.99. In the past we’ve been too frugal to pay the $99 yearly fee.

The yearly Prime fee is worthwhile if a full-timer has free unlimited broadband. After all, Amazon Prime isn’t just about fast two-day shipping, it’s about video and music streaming too.

But since we’re normally not part of the cool kids and our Verizon and RV DataSat bandwidth costs us a bare minimum of $175 a month, we’re super careful about downloads. That all changed now that we’re parked with free broadband until Labor Day. We’ve been total bandwidth gluttons!

How Amazon Video and Music Stacks Up to Satellite Radio

free unlimied bandwidth for RVers
You won’t find us streaming video out here. It costs too much!

Nine years ago we gave up TV without any regrets. OK maybe the Daily Show was the only thing we missed. But now that we have Amazon Video, we’re pretty impressed at what’s out there. Sure, there’s some crap, but it has many intelligent choices that aren’t available via satellite TV or (gasp!) network TV.

And as much as I hate to admit it, Amazon Prime Music is even better.

  • Like Prime Video, Prime Music is commercial-free.
  • You can personalize selections to your tastes.
  • You can skip ahead of stuff you don’t enjoy.
  • Music playlists sync with all of your devices.
  • And finally, you have the option of downloading, and keeping, the music you choose.

I never thought I’d say that. After all, Amazon is The Devil to me. But they’ve done it right with Prime.

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

For nine years, we’ve been XM satellite radio subscribers because we grew tired of broadcast radio blather. With the exception of miscellaneous public radio stations and Coast-to-Coast, the airwaves are full of crap. Satellite radio has been a breath of fresh air and it’s introduced us to lots of new music.

In many ways satellite radio is better than Amazon Prime Music because:

  • It features DJs of many different genres, like Steve Earle, who educates you about what you’re hearing.
  • It doesn’t depend on location or broadband availability.
  • You still get NPR and other intelligent choices.
  • And it even has Coast-to-Coast!

When it comes to the cost of Amazon Prime Video and Music versus satellite radio, it’s really about the same. Satellite radio’s monthly price is comparable, but it depends on what packages you choose — and how good you are at negotiating a subscription rate. Yes, you can do that. Some day I’ll tell you how.

So if you’re in an area with free unlimited bandwidth, take advantage of Prime for the month.  We are, and until Labor Day we’ll be stuffing our faces with all the bandwidth and downloads we can gobble up. We might have withdrawal when we quit Prime, but after three months in one spot, I know we’ll be ready to leave.


4 thoughts on “Free Unlimited Broadband for RVers is Pure Gluttony”

  1. The audio quality on Sirius XM is awful. Really compressed. We have a free trial in our Jeep and our RV has a subscription that wasn’t shut off. Otherwise I don’t think I would pay for it. For NPR we just stream KCRW in LA.

    • Hey Scott, you must be a real audiophile. I’m only halfway picky about sound quality so I really never noticed that. KCRW is a great station to stream but I like the way XM has a larger selection of NPR shows so to me it’s worth the cost (less than $8 a month).

  2. We suffer from lack of affordable broadband where we live from our home 10 minutes from Auburn, CA. We use cell phone data so steaming video is out of the question. We do pay for Direct TV. I finally subscribed to Prime when Amazon raised free shipping threshold. To my surprise they also started offering download options for video content. Hurrah, I can download shows using free wifi (at work) and watch later.

    Happy Travels!

    • Terri that is craaaaaazy that Auburn is lacking in that area. There are so many Silicon Valley people who relocated there! And that is an awesome way to utilize your Prime membership, I’ll have to consider that once our free bandwidth runs out.


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