How To Get Free RV Kitchen Faucet

There’s a fine line between being frugal and cheap…

How I Replaced Our Faucet for Free

When the hot water handle on our kitchen faucet broke, I used Krazy Glue to put it back together. That is being cheap.

I then realized I may be able to salvage the part of the bathroom tub faucet I was replacing soon. That is being frugal.

Considering the cost of new RV kitchen faucets, using parts on hand to repair broken fixtures is also being smart.

Free RV Kitchen Faucet Fix
Replace broken handle with salvaged part.

The Krazy Glue fixed actually lasted longer than expected. I replaced our bathtub—more about that coming soon—and kept the downspout. The style is identical to our kitchen faucet, so I guessed they had the same parts.

My guess was correct.

Salvage parts to repair broken faucet, for free!

When the glued handle finally broke again, I took a few simple steps to save myself $75+ on a new faucet:

Frugal Fix for Broken Faucet Handle

  1. Remove handle extension.
  2. Slide off handle base.
  3. Unscrew broken handle mount.
  4. Attach salvaged mount.
  5. Replace handle.

It’s that simple. Free kitchen faucet!

And yes, I’ve saved some of the remaining parts for when the bathroom sink faucet handle breaks!

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