Flat Tire Protection Provides Peace of Mind

When it comes to staying safe on the road, the best advice I have for new full-time RVers is to keep an eye on your tires!

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Since we hit the road 8+ years ago, I’ve changed my share of trailer tires. Fortunately, only one of those was on the side of the road due to a blowout. Regardless of the reason, it’s no fun.

Trailer Tire Blowout on Highway
Changing tires on the highway is no fun!

Luckily, I’m capable of changing our tires. If I were much older or we had a large Class A, that may not be the case. Nevertheless, I don’t look forward to ever having to make an emergency roadside repair ever again. Thanks to the Hazard Protect Tire & Wheel Protection we recently added to our Coach-Net Roadside Assistance, I won’t have to!

Changing Damaged Trailer Tire
Preventing a blowout by changing damaged trailer tire.

Flat tires are a fact of life for full-time RVers. We went nearly nine years without a blowout on the trailer. We have gotten a couple flats due to road debris, and avoided tragedy by changing tires with damage or odd wear patterns we noticed. We are always proactive in replacing damaged tires and getting our trailer axles aligned whenever this occurs. But I learned the hard way that an emergency is usually unexpected and unavoidable. I suppose that’s why we call them emergencies.

Emergency roadside assistance is the answer!

Damaged Trailer Tire
Replace damaged tires for free with Tire & Wheel Protection!

Tire Insurance Saves Time and Money

Tire and Wheel Protection won’t just save me the trouble of changing a tire should we get another flat down the road. It can save us a lot of money too! We have purchased tires from Discount Tire and other chain store shops in the past. We would always get the tire insurance that provides free repair or replacement, but that would require us to find another location of that specific shop.

cost of tire blowoutWith our Hazard Protect Tire & Wheel Protection, Coach-Net will repair or replace the damaged tire no matter where it was purchased. Better yet, damage to the wheel caused by the blowout is covered too.

Add in the cost of a tow truck if necessary, and the repair price for one damaged tire quickly adds up!

Coach-Net offers nationwide tire delivery service for replacement of tires that cannot be repaired due to road hazard damage. Their all-inclusive coverage includes mounting & balancing, valve stems, sales tax, labor, and towing if required—something many other tire insurance programs do not.

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Considering the only place I can feasibly do all this myself is when we’re workamping at Vickers Ranch, that my friends, is true peace of mind!

mounting tire in ranch workshop
Replacing Jeep tire at ranch workamping job.

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