Hillbilly Highway Takes Frugal RVers to Luckenbach, Texas

By all appearances, country music is dead in America. The mainstream country pop garbage on redneck radio might seem to indicate that we as a nation have turned a deaf ear to quality folksy tunes, but all you need to do is giddy up over to Texas to know for sure that great American music is thriving.

One of our annual stops for great live music is Luckenbach Texas. During an epic Texas flood or a brisk snowstorm like the one we encountered recently, we try not to let anything stand in our way of this musical pilgrimage.

Luckenbach also has one of the best overnight camping deals in the entire Hill Country Region. For just $15 a night, you get the privilege of boondocking on the property grounds.

What could be better than having your home within stumbling distance of the center of the universe?

Not a day goes by when there isn’t some kind of live music happening. Even the bartenders get into the act.

With no cover charge during the week, that means we give better tips to the band and imbibe on better beer at the bar!

Our last visit included a night with the Doug Moreland Trio. This fun Texas band is straight-up Americana at its best. It’s amazing how three guys can create such a big sound!

One of our goals in life is to have a piece of property somewhere in central or West Texas. With LUCK  and hard work, we hope it’s stumbling distance to the center of the universe, Luckenbach, Texas!

Check out the Doug Moreland Trio for some great music. We’ll have our own videos of their act soon, but for now here’s a sample:


8 thoughts on “Hillbilly Highway Takes Frugal RVers to Luckenbach, Texas”

    • Ooooh let me know what kind of property you find. Even with the recession, we still haven’t seen any prices go down in the area. It’s such a great place, everyone wants a part of it.

  1. Hi Rene,

    Thanks for the blog. Betty and I stayed a couple of days there last winter. Our favorite was Jimmy Lee Jones who has since retired. My questions is: We just got “Pandora” radio installed on our TV, pc, and kindle live. Love it. I need to find a music artist to install on Pandora that would be representative of Luckenbach music. I haven’t been able to come up with a name yet. Can you or anyone reading this help and name a performer that might be in Pandora’s library base. We hope to be camping in Texas by the end of this February. Thank you.

    • Hi Larry, I hope you get out to Luckenbach, it’s so fun! Some names….how about Asleep at the Wheel, Mickey and the Motorcars, or Dayle Dodd? How’s the Pandora working out for you? Doesn’t it suck up a lot of bandwidth? What kind of internet connection do you have? If you tell me “unlimited” I’m gonna be real jealous.

  2. LOVE Luckenbach! Did you know Gary P. Nunn (who wrote “London Homesick Blues”…theme song of Austin City Limits) named his first son Lucken, for that town?! One of my cousins (recently passed away, at 90) use to play banjo there in her Dad’s band! Ted & Dorothy Dirks, of Fredericksburg/San Antone! GREAT town!

  3. Thanks for the tune!! I’m not in Texas this winter but i sure will be setting a whole day aside to listen to Americana music that i’ve been missing! Wish we have time travel…wouldn’t mind hang’in in gruene hall tonight! Enjoy 😉


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