Hit the NuRVers Highway

As a younger, non-retired full-timer, it might seem impossible to hook up with kindred spirits, but the NüRVers community shows that our tribe does exist, and we’re growing by leaps and bounds.

While some our group converges on Cedar Key, Florida, the long-awaited revamp of the NüRVers website is taking place. In the meantime, a NüRVers Swag Shop is now live, and our Facebook Group is as active as ever.

The dramatic NüRVers makeover will increase our visibility to the RVing world, and attract many more free sprited, forward-thinking individuals who can inspire and assist others in making their road tripping dreams come true. The new look will be familiar and easy and modern. It will also be mobile accessible.

Founder and Supreme Geek Kevin Ewert also has big plans to build out the Map functionality so it can be a more valuable resource – such as a go-to guide for NüRver-friendly locations across the US.

In the meantime, if you know you’re Nü, visit the highly anticipated NüRVers Swag Shop, which includes fabulous designs like the ones pictured here.

Why Nü?

Look around any campground or RV park and it’s obvious; most full-time RVers are of a certain age, reaping the benefits of a hard-earned retirement. An older friend of ours described this scenario bluntly when Jim and I hit the road. She warned us “you’ll be the only young ones in the park!

Well, our friend was correct; the median age of most full-timers is around 60, which surpasses my age by almost two decades. Don’t get me wrong; there’s nothing wrong with being 60 – we’ll all get there some day!

Jim and I have made lots of good, older friends on the road, but thanks to NüRVers, we’ve also been fortunate enough to hook up with a growing group of unconventional people from our generation who didn’t wait for our golden years to hit the road. We’re all experiencing a very non-traditional lifestyle while we’re still young enough to party hard, play harder and work in unusual, mobile-friendly careers.


Who’s Nü?

From tech geeks to circus performers, NüRVers embrace technologies that allow us to live without boundaries. With Internet access on the road, anything’s possible.

You don’t have to own a certain type of RV to belong, and nobody will judge you based what you drive or how you look, whether you’re straight or gay, twentysomething or beyond.

No geezer in a powder blue jumpsuit will tell you how you “should” handle your rig, and know-it-alls are frowned upon. The only criteria for joining is having a free spirit attitude that welcomes diversity, fun and spontaneity.

Watch for Nüs

As Kevin hunkers down in Moab, Utah to build out the next generation of the NüRVers community, remember, nothing’s free–NüRVers hosting costs have to come from somewhere, so please help keep this unique tribe going and support the Swag Shop. Whether you’re on the road now or working on a plan to get there, fly your colors proudly; you are one of a handful of RVers who defy convention and living life to the fullest!

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