The Snowbird’s Road to Quoz in Quartzsite, Arizona

Quartzsite is a mysterious place to anyone cruising past on I-10. If you’re not a snowbird or an off-roader, you just have to ask yourself, “What’s the attraction?”

quoz” is a noun “referring to anything strange, incongruous, or peculiar; at its heart is the unknown, the mysterious.”
The Wall Street Journal: On the Road Again

Well, for us, it’s not the big RV show or the flea markets. It’s the wide open space.

We think there’s no better feeling than getting out to the desert and putting the crowded RV parks east of the Mississippi behind us.

Dome Rock Camping

Out here, we can untie ourselves from the umbilical cord of the grid and get back to some real camping. Almost like the kind we used to do when we were backpackers who liked to bash on bourgeois RVers. Almost (not!).

Quartzsite Boondocking

We haven’t been here in Quartzsite since the NuRVers Gathering two years ago. This time instead of staying at the LTVA parking closer to town, which is really crowded with long-termers, we’re out at the Dome Rock 14-day area.

Dome Rock Camping

If you like getting away from crowds, this is the place. Although the dust was swirling all around when we arrived (what else is new?), there’s a lot less of it on this side because there’s just not as many people driving around. On my walk this morning, I didn’t see another person out.

Desert Plants

Wyatt is especially happy in the desert, because out he gets to let his inner wild boy come out. Leash? What’s that?

We’ll be here for about a week, catching up on work and getting to meet up with some friendly Escapees who we met at Livingston. The annual Escapees Happy Hour is also happening next week, so we’ll be there too. Oh and there’s the RV show too, and a few NuRvers who will also roll in soon. Hmm. now that I think about it I’m not sure how much work we’re going to be getting done. Oops!

7 thoughts on “The Snowbird’s Road to Quoz in Quartzsite, Arizona”

  1. Does Wyatt have little shoes on his paws ? I’ve seen those on-line and wondered how a dog would like them on their feet. Boomer finds every sand burr there is when he goes outside. Do burrs stick to the boots ?

    • Hi Linda,
      Yes, those are Ruff Wear Grip Trex boots. We reviewed them in our Tripawds site, here is a post about introducing them to dogs:

      No, burrs don’t stick to them. They are awesome. But it can be a challenge to introduce them to dogs, it takes patience. Wyatt still gets cranky when I put them on him but he’s getting used to them out here in the desert.

      If Boomer has any mobility issues though, boots aren’t recommended. For example dogs with DM (neuro disease) aren’t advised to wear them since they have a harder time feeling the ground anyways, the boots make it worse.


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