Storm’s a Brewin’

Leave it to us to finally be early for an event, and it happens to be the Frankenstorm of the century!

We’re camped on a friend’s 20-acre property in Northern Virginia, about 1 hour south of DC, waiting for the epic Hurricane Sandy.

Unfortunately our friends are not home this week and the house is locked up, so we’re in our RV riding this thing out.

We thought about leaving but unless we were willing to drive all the way back to Indiana for another hoop fest with Sam and Tracy, it seemed wiser to just hang tight.

With Wyatt Ray Dawg and the Spirit of Jerry at our side, we should be OK, but wish us luck that these giant oak trees surrounding us stay upright. By Wednesday morning we should be done with the worst of this.

In the meantime, I’ll share one of our most recent adventures in the following post, Ghost Dancing in Columbia, Missouri.


6 thoughts on “Storm’s a Brewin’”

    • Martyn, I hope your family is safe. We came through unscratched, and send our positive vibes to those who weren’t as lucky. I can’t even imagine.

    • Thank you so much Dana, we came through it wet and soggy but unscratched. Your positivity helped, we really appreciate it. Our thoughts are with all those who didn’t get so lucky in this. Scary stuff.


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