Are You in Your Happy Place?

We meet a lot of folks here at the ranch. They’re all on vacation, like our friends Lisa and Sean who visited us for July 4th festivities.

Lisa and Sean are former fulltimers who followed their hearts and left a place they hated living. They hit the road and for 18 months investigated towns where they might want to raise their kids, Ian and Caitlin.

Today, they are happily living in Fort Collins, secure in knowing that they made their relocation decision based on their heart’s desires, not because of money, or a job, or any other reason.

Like Lisa and Sean, Jim and I are also secure knowing that we are in our own happy place.

Right now, it’s being here at the ranch, working six days a week for good pay and awesome bonuses like free rent, and of course, fun co-workers.

Some days kick our asses more than others, but in September we’ll go to a new happy place, when we hit the road for more adventure.

Find the Fun, Crankypants

Each day while we’re here, we have the opportunity to interact with guests.

Oftentimes, they’ll ask Jim and I about our lifestyle, like the conservative, 50-something year-old vacationer who asked Jim what we were doing here.

Jim said that we enjoy coming back to the ranch each summer; not necessarily for the big bucks (hah!), but because it’s fun.

The vacationer looked at Jim and grumbled, “I wish I was at a point in my life where I could just go do something for fun.”

Jim wanted to say “So what’s stopping you?” but the expressionless appearance on the crankster’s face showed he had no desire to carry on the conversation. Maybe some day he’ll figure out that “fun” isn’t something you wait for. You have to go balls-out if you really want it.

Uncertainty is Half the Run 

Our days here are long, and we’re working six days a week which leaves little time for our regular business activities.

In fact, last time we worked here for an entire season, our online pursuits like Tripawds and Team Agreda were still in the infancy stages, and we had a lot more time to take in the beauty of the surrounding San Juan Mountains while spending our last few precious months with our Jerry.

Things are so different now. We really had no idea how many hours we devote to our own businesses, until we began punching a clock.

With just two hours or so left at the end of each long workday to check email, handle orders, manage our communities and write, our business “To-Dos” are being put on the back burner until our job here is done in September.

For a few weeks, losing my regular routine made me crazy. I felt terribly unorganized and was beating myself up for not staying caught up with my normal obligations.

One good mental melt-down was all I needed to remind myself that this spectacular place is where we were meant to be right now. Change is good, the unexpected is to be welcomed.

I also reminded myself that in no time at all, we’ll leave this routine behind, and get back on the road to our next great uncertain adventure.


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