We’ve Had It With Health Insurance Greed, What About You?

Coloradoans have had a rough summer. Between the wildfires and now the horrific movie theater shooting in Aurora, I hope this beautiful place stays out of the news for a long, long time.

After learning about the movie theater shootings, one of the weird thoughts that crossed my mind was, how many of those unfortunate victims actually had health insurance?

Health insurance came to mind because of the ordeal Jim and I are going through while trying to find a new policy.

Our current coverage is going up by $100 a month soon, so we’re scrambling to find a cheaper one. But with a $13,500 deductible and no coverage until it’s met, apparently our options have run out.

The most affordable coverage we could find this time around, was a Blue Cross policy with a $10,000 deductible and an all-out exclusion on anything to do with a motorcycle wreck injury I suffered over 10 years ago! I can’t say for sure that this injury won’t ever come back to haunt me again. If it does, we’re screwed.

At this point, we are considering dropping our insurance altogether. What’s the point in paying for a policy that will leave us cold if something related to my accident needs fixing again?

American Healthcare: As Good as it Gets?

It astounds me that so many people are dead-set against any kind of universal health coverage for Americans. Do all of you “anti-Obamacare” people really think that the medical system we have now is as good as it gets?

Sure we have the best technology and physicians in the world, but are you really satisfied with the astronomical costs of coverage?

Does it even matter to you that most of your neighbors who work for a living don’t even have access to the most basic medical care?

That thousands of hard-working people have lost everything they owned because of medical bills?

How can we as a nation stand for the outrageous control that private health insurance companies have over our destinies? Why must we tolerate greed over compassion?

The pathetic state of health care in this country is just one of the many reasons why Jim and I will support President Obama again in November. He’s trying harder than any other president to fix this broken system, to give working people the dignity they deserve when it comes to health care. We hope you will support him too.


22 thoughts on “We’ve Had It With Health Insurance Greed, What About You?”

  1. HOLY MOLEY!!! I cannot believe what you folks pay for insurance!!! That’s crazy!

    I’m Canadian… and I’m actually from Saskatchewan which up until a few years ago was very Socialist and in Cooperative spirit. Universal Health care was actually founded here in Saskatchewan. In this Province, Our Power, Natural Gas, Telephone, Water, and Department of Motor Vehicles and largest Insurance Companies are all Goverment owned and operated.

    For the utilities and the insurance we have phenominal rates. When was the last time your utility company sent you a cheque (not a credit on your account) But a real certifiable cheque you can take down to the bank and turn into cash because the Gas company was predicting that Natural Gas prices were going to X through out the year and when Natrual Gas prices went down they said oh gee we made too much money this year.. here’s some of your Money back… ya like 10% of what you paid us last year… yeah we don’t need that!

    We have the second lowest insurance premiums in Canada. I drive a Dodge Charger I have a very poor driving record and I pay 1200 dollars a year for plates, registration and full insurance… If I’m in an accident I’m covered for what ever is needed medically. Now I can’t go and Sue the guy and become a millionaire but my needs are covered.

    Our Telecommunications company laid the back bone communications lines in many countries around the world funded research which brought about fiber optic communications. Did the R&D and implemented features like call back and *69 services.

    Now back to the subject of health care. If I get a sniffle or a chest congestion I go to the clinic, I show them my Health card (which every resident gets) I talk to the doctor and he says go home sleep it off… or take this for the next 5 days. If I bust my leg I get a cast, If I want the flu vacine I go get it. There is no cost for basic medical services.

    Perscription drugs are at a cost, and most places of employment will atleast match your contributions. I think I pay for the highest package at work which is some where in the order of maybe 50 bucks a month (my half)and that will cover me for 90% of drug coverage, almost all dental, prescription eye wear, massage therapy, some other medical stuff, life insurance of 3 times my yearly wage, as well as accidental death and dismemberment.

    Things like workers compensation and Employment insurance are all through the income tax system. If you do require prescription medication that you can’t afford there are programs in place for that as well. Emergency Dental is also covered (Your tooth burst or somin)

    The down side to the medical is that as with anything a lot of doctors are going to go south to better facilities, better pay etc. There is a wait list for surgeries which could be over come in the US assuming you had the money. The idea is everyone is equal and gets their place in line equally (of course dependant upon need). Rich people don’t seem to like this because they think that because they have more money they should be treated better. (IE their life is worth more than yours)

    I couldn’t imagine having to pay for a doctor.

    I guess my point is the basic nessecities to life are taken care of by the government, and they do a pretty damned good job all in all. Its like privitizing the prison system… who in their right mind ever dreamed that one up.

    There are downsides but in my opinion the biggest reason Americans are afriad of Government run health care is those damned commies!!! It goes back to the Communist Russian cold war era type stuff. If you believe in socialism you MUST be a communist, when really Communist Russia isn’t anything like it is here.

    There is a lot of socialist type programs that run in my area, the profits of the companies go back to the owners who are the tax payers/residents, and your basic needs are either covered or very well with in your grasp. Its not a perfect system but the idea of having to sell everything I own to help a loved one… well… thats just silly.

    • Oh I hear ya, I wish more Americans did.

      Thanks for your thoughtful reply and sharing your experience. You’ve practically convinced us to move north!

  2. Hi all

    FWIW my mother in her old age left the US after 23 years and returned to UK almost exclusively because of this issue and that was in 1990.

    I am self employed in Spain (as an EU citizen) and pay about 300 euros per month for my state supplied/managed health cover with zero deductible, full cover and piece of mind. The economy is on the verge of imploding but health care still exists.

    If hopeless Eurocrats can manage it I’m sure the wealthiest country in the world can, it just needs a national will and purging or culling of the greedy lobby fueled special interest groups that are responsible for overpriced services and predatory insurance companies. Not that I’m biased or anything, just my humble opinion.


    • Right ON RH! So, so true. Jim and I are seriously contemplating moving to Canada (his parents were Canadians) for this same reason. Depends how the election turns out. Meanwhile, it’s great to know you are still out there and reading our blog, thanks so much. Hope you’re doing well over there, I know times have been rough.

      • Yep, I’m still here. The last four companies I have worked for in four years have got into financial trouble so I have been made redundant and nearly lost everything as many times. BUT, I’m still in the same line of work, still have my sense of humour, managed to keep my property out of the clutches of the bank, kicking butts, taking names and generally doing my utmost to re-educate the locals on the corrupt ways of their leaders. What a laugh, I just hang around to see what happens next, it’s getting wilder by the day. Did you hear about the Andalusia mayor that organised a robbery of a supermarket to feed the unemployed in his town? Take care guy’s, all the best.

        • You have a great attitude RH, that’s really the only way to make it through the rockin’and rollin. I didn’t hear about the mayor but that sounds AWESOME. I think if stuff like that made the news, it might inspire others to be just as bo, and the powers that be sure wouldn’t that now would they?

  3. Go live and when the hart stops beating then you’ll be taken care of!! Don’t get screwed by insurance companies! (Maybe its time for the people to start taking care for themselves…(underground Doc’s))

  4. we went through an insurance agent who specializes in fulltimers. My insurance was the same price as it was when we got reimbursed through the employer we worked for…$273/mo (I’m 51) My partners did go up about $60 due to some meds she is on (she’s 56)so for both of us runs about $640/month. With heart attacks running in my partners family, we feel better that we won’t get wiped out if something happens to either one of us. Being that we work on the road and move every 2 weeks, lots of time on the road. We got golden rule (part of United) with high deductible. options are limited as a SD resident.

  5. I came to this website to learn about full-timing. I hope I’m not required to be an Obama supporter to join this site. There are many thoughtful people who oppose his health care plan for very legitimate reasons (Actually, poll after poll shows that a large percentage of Americans do not approve of his plan.) I agree that health care needs to be cheaper, but believe there are much better ways to solve the problem than to have it taken over by the government. There are many points made in previous posts that I disagree with, but I won’t get into that here because I don’t feel it is the place for it. I just wanted to say that people should be able to disagree on this site. In addition, there are many other positions that Obama has taken that are not good for this country. Though I disagree with people who support him, I respect their right to do so. Perhaps we should be considering alternative solutions rather than just taking the position that one political party has (I am an independent).

    • Hi Bill, you’re not required to, promise. I usually don’t talk politics here, I just felt like ranting. Appreciate your understanding and sticking with us, we value all viewpoints and respect them as you do. What’s your story? Are you on the road yet? We’d love to hear more.

      • Thanks Rene,

        I’m in the process of figuring out how I can work while traveling about the country. I live in Davie. Florida. I’m 53, single. I’ll be completely out of debt around the beginning of next year. Don’t have much retirement savings, so I’m trying to plan carefully. I love the outdoors and want to see more of the country.

        I’m a web designer who specializes in garden centers and plant nurseries. My idea is to move from property to property every few months, park on their property rent free so I can make my services more affordable to them, then move on to the next project.

        My first step is to get a tow vehicle and trailer which will serve as my “mobile office”. I will pay cash for everything after saving enough. I’m thinking of starting small (and local) with a jeep or van pulling a pop up camper. If things work out, perhaps graduate to truck and travel trailer.

        Thanks for letting me share my story. Would love to hear any input.

        • Hey Bill, I think your plan sounds great! It’s very methodical and well-thought out, especially the debt free part (did you happen to see our ebook, “Income Anywhere!“? We talk about the importance of road tripping with no debt). I think your choice of RV is good, perfect for a single guy, but keep in mind that many places who want workampers won’t allow pop-ups. I know, crazy discrimination out there but I’ve seen it.

          Talk to other RVers, especially our friends at NuRVers.com, they’re a great bunch. Just talk to as many people as you can and you’ll be ready to go before you know it. And of course we are always here to answer any questions.

          Where is Davie, FL? We’ll be on the east coast in winter, maybe we could meet up? Last time we met up with aspiring RVers in Florida, they also hit the road not too long after that, so get ready! 😉 Oh, promise we won’t talk politics if we do meet up.

  6. As a fit and sassy gun-perplexed, liberal BMW driving entreprenuer from California, I am with all of you regarding the state of so-called health care and the humanitarian need for it in this country.

    If universal health care makes you an Obama lovin’ commie, then call me Ivan. My wife and I are part owners of a software company that has it’s R&D performed in Canada, guess what check we don’t have to write each month? The health insurance check, however, in California where we reside, our yearly deductible is $2,500.00 for each of us and our plan has increased some 13 times in just the past two years. The insurance companies argue it’s the ACA bill? Nay, just another excuse/justification to increase our monthly charges and limit our coverage of which the ACA bill is scrutinizing and as a result, they can’t throw us out because of pre-existing conditions (my heart attack some 10 years ago).

    I wish I could tell all of you what I know about what profit centers our top health care providers have become, but I can’t because some are my customers. I will however offer that they are populated with people who care and are concerned about the situation because if folks drop their plans then where are future customers supposed to come from if entry into this game is too expensive?

    This is a very serious issue for us Americans. I have friends looking to renew their French citizenship because they’re so nervous about losing their net worth over an illness. That’s an extreme case nervousa – but is it?

    The US can afford to send military aid to Pakistan, Egypt, Israel and so on in the tens of billions, but it can’t send aid to US citizens? I’ll tell you what, if congressmen and women get health care while they represent out interests why don’t we get that same health care given that we allegedly put them in those seats?

    When government employees have better care than those being governed then a tipping of inequity has been reached.

    Sorry for taking up so much space Jim and Rene, but this topic rankles my commie butt like no others. Last point, if you and I and everyone else cannot acquire a coverage plan and we get ill, then guess what? We’re going to see a doctor anyways and if we don’t have coverage the taxpayer (you and me) will ultimately pay for it that service.

    Enrico strikes but with a Woody Guthrie fist pumping that suggests solidarity with fellow pinkos who want affordable health care!

  7. Amen..

    We just started full-timing and it looks that my remote job may come to an end soon. The only thing that concerns me about this is no health-care. We are extremely healthy mid 30’s couple. It seems like the options are roll the dice either way.

    Pay up and if something does go wrong, hope the ins company doesn’t find a way to weasel out of it.

    Or go no ins… Self-ins and hope you can cover it.

  8. Hi Rene,
    My partner and I were without insurance for the first four years of being fulltime RVers. We are now self employed (and still FT Rvers) and our financial planner said we absolutely need to have it to protect ourselves from catastrophic illness. We supported Obama in ’08 for carrying the ball on getting health coverage into place when others tried and couldn’t. Until all Americans have access to preventive medicine (as the health care provides), will we see the overall costs in this country decline. Most of the bill hasn’t even taken place yet and I can’t wait till insurance companies can no longer exclude someone for pre-existing conditions (a huge thing for folks with cancer and other serious illnesses). Obama has our support to make things happen in the next four years. The health care bill isn’t perfect but it’s a step in the right direction.

    • L&L, how did you end up finding insurance? Was it hard to find it after being self insured? Jim and I are considering dropping it until 2014 when the act kicks in. One of the reasons our old policy is going up by $100 a month is the insurance company flat out told me that “government mandates that force us to offer preventive care are the reason for the increase”! When I called around to other insurance companies, they said the exact same thing when I commented on their high premiums. Clearly the insurance lobbyists are getting their talking points out all the way down to the call centers. Scary stuff. Obama supporters, we need to get our act together and rally for his re-election, there is much work to be done. Thanks for supporting him L&L, and for reading our blog.

  9. I’m with you. We dropped COBRA in January and have been uninsured since. At 58, with cancer history for both of us and economic stress the cost of insurance–$13,000+ annually plus deductibles and co-pay it made no sense. Now our drug costs are less or about the same as we paid when “insured.” Doctors will treat us at a reasonable price for average stuff. We’re taking a huge risk if catastrophe strikes, but there it is.
    I don’t like the ACA which keeps power with the insurance industry (they wrote the damn legislation after all) but at least the President showed some leadership on this issue. For that, and other reasons, I’m voting with you Rene. A life long entrepreneur who built businesses under both Democratic and Republican administrations I find little difference over the years in the effect of their policies, positive or negative. But at the end of the day I’d trust a Community Organizer with four years experience in the job over a Banker any day.

    • Thanks for your great insight Steve. I just find if completely appalling that in this country hard-working people are forced to risk economic catastrophe because of this insurance mess our country has created. Why isn’t fixing this a priority for more people? Does financial disaster have to strike before a person they see the importance of universal coverage? I guess so.

      Yes, Obama is the only president to take a real stand on this issue and unless he’s in office another 4 years, we won’t get the coverage we have a right to. Thanks for supporting him this year.

      Jim and I used to have catastrophic insurance, but we can’t even get that at an affordable price any more. We have never been this close to dropping our insurance and I never thought we would be. I don’t usually talk politics here but I’m so angry and dismayed that we are at this point, I had to write about it. Thanks for listening.


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