Here we go again…

After just a few too-short weeks back at Jerry’s Acres, we’ve hit the road again for our fourth season as snowbirds.

Red Feather Moose Crystal Lakes ColoradoPersonally, I think that qualifies us as full-timers still. I know plenty of RVers who spend more time stationary at the same park. Our park just happens to have a sweet clubhouse, free camping, and a few Moose – who will be happy to see us gone. But I digress…

Winterizing the house in the middle of May did seem a bit odd, but now we are prepared to be gone for the year. We’ll be spending the summer with the Vickers in Lake City again where I’ll take on the ranch hand role until hay season when I’ll be running around the fields again. René will likely be helping out with hospitality duties and breakfast horse rides.

Come autumn, we have plans to head East where we’ll be speaking at the Greyhounds  Rock canine cancer conference. Then we will likely make a B-line for West Texas again until things thaw out up in the mountains.

Currently, we are boondocking for free at about 10,000′ in the woods outside Leadville, CO near Turquoise Lake, which looks alarmingly low. You can always find out where we are by checking our Maps page. To see where the 6,000 miles we put on the truck and trailer took us last season, see our map below from “snowbird” season #3.

Snowbird Season 3

Red Feather Lakes, CO and Back via Big Bend, TX (10/17/11 – 04/10/12)

View Snowbird Season 3 (2011-2012) in a larger map

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